Using Facebook Live

using Facebook live

Using Facebook Live

Using Facebook live is just about a must for every business right now. Since this live feature was rolled out to every business page and even to groups, it has grown businesses massively and gotten a ton of organic reach. We all know that Facebook barely gives us any organic reach these days and it is only set to decline i’m afraid.

So here are some Tips on using Facebook live:
  • Be sure your lighting is good, also you don’t want a cluttered back ground.
  • No back ground noise, let your audience hear you clearly.
  • It’s ok if you get a little flustered, don’t let that discourage you. If anything it makes you more ‘real’.
  • Turn your phone onto airplane mode, it avoids any calls coming in whilst you are live.
  • When people ask you questions whilst you’re live, use their name when answering their question, people love to be acknowledged.
  • Play around with different times of using Facebook live and different lengths of times too. Try just a quick intro for 2 minutes and then go for longer next time.
  • Always use a call to action whilst live.
  • Ask ┬ápeople to follow you when you are live, so that they get a message each time you’re live.

These are just a bunch of basic, but very useful tips for you to start your journey using Facebook live. I know for me, going live is waaaaay out of my comfort zone, but having just done it a few times recently for a client, i have found i am more confident and actually enjoy them. I used to dread it, but now look forward to it.

It’s ok to make a few notes and pop them near your phone, it’s easy to forget your main points once you go live.

Live video is only going to get bigger as time goes on, so expect to see more and more streams appearing on your feed. So go have fun with it and make it part of your marketing strategy.



  1. I feel like I’ve always been so terrified of using Facebook Live… maybe because I’m always focusing on being perfect and you can’t really polish live. This post really makes me want to do it though! It gave me some good ideas so thank you!

  2. I absolutely love FB live!!! I have been using it since it was released last year on iPhone!!! Great tips! I am currently doing a 30 day live video challenge with my team to help all of them get more comfortable and so far its been an amazing 10 days!!

  3. Not sure that I’ll ever have occasion to use FB Live, but your tips are great. Unless a body is used to doing webinars and the like, it can be pretty intimidating. Just talking into a microphone bothers me, regardless of the setting. So kudos to you for sharing this.

  4. That’s awesome! I’ve never tried using facebook live before. It would be fun and it’s a great way to engage with your readers as well.

  5. I will share your advise to my sister as she always using fb live.. I will try it also.

  6. I need to try this one day, have seen quite a few live posts and they look amazing.

  7. I’ve always been interested about using Facebook live but I don’t know where to start or what to talk about! I think this is really helpful, thanks for the guide and the tips!

  8. this is a great read! I often wonder about trying Facebook live but get a bit nervous and never actually get around to it. I might have to just give it a go sometime!

  9. I’ve always been too timid to try and go live, these are some great tips! Maybe It’ll give me the confidence to actually do it!

  10. Thank you for these tips. I will definitely use them when or if I ever go live. I know being a blogger definitely helps to go live every once in awhile.

  11. Oooo awesome tips!!! I did a ton of periscope love videos when that came out. Still haven’t hopped on FB live!

    • Periscope is amazing too. If you can do those, you can do FB lives no problem. Have fun doing them.

    • I’ve started doing a few a week and i just took on a client who wants me to do 2 a week on their Facebook Page.

  12. I am not super confident with using services like this but it would be great to start. Sharing things live is such a great opportunity to engage your readers.

    • People like ‘real’ so it’s ok to be a little nervous. It makes you human.

  13. Facebook Live is still new to me when it comes to using it. I love that there is the feature though when I choose to use it.

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