Time Management in Business

Time Management in Business

Time management is so important in everything you do, not just in business. Do you need to manage your time better and be more productive? Time management is crucial when running a business. It is something that will run away from you and you’ll struggle to play catch up. Trust me, i know this all too well. As i sit and write this, i have both kids in holiday club and i made a list of everything i needed to get done today. During the summer with both kids at home, running a business is far from easy. Also with clubs being so expensive, they only go in once a week at most. I often lag behind and struggle to complete tasks.

How i managed my time today:

time management business

How does your time management look?

Here is what my lists usually look like. And they don’t consist of me checking my email every 10 minutes and sitting on Facebook all day (sorry to say)

  • Design 10 graphics for a clients twitter account
  • Check email (once)
  • Write blog for client
  • Write my own blog (this one)
  • Schedule clients Facebook posts for the next 3 days
  • Create graphics for my business
  • Schedule my one posts for the next 3 days (yet to be done)

You get the picture right? I enjoy ticking off my tasks and seeing them completed. I’m old fashioned and like a paper and pen diary. I put everything in there that needs to get done and it pretty much always gets done when i schedule my time.

Time Management and Blocking Time Slots

This is another thing i do, i block time for each client and my business. So today i worked on one clients graphics and scheduled for their Facebook page, i wrote this blog and one other, i am yet to check emails and i have dealt with a bunch of queries for a client. I time blocked all this and i have got a ton of stuff done. The kids are back at school after being off for 7 weeks over summer, so i finally have a lot more hours in my week, so time management is far easier.

If time management is a struggle for you or you are so busy that you are now in a position to out source, let me see if i can help. You’ll find many of the services i offer Here.

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  1. I definitely have to make lists of things to do also, or they don’t get done. Very important to be organized for the best productivity.

  2. Great ideas on managing your time. I see clients all day and the few minutes I have before, in between and afterward are really precious in doing the marketing. Thanks for the tips and I copied your link to how you can help for the future!

  3. I’ve started this time management process and it is working well for me. At the beginning of each week, I divide to-do’s into 4 categories: Urgent and Important, Not Urgent and Important, Urgent and Unimportant, Not Urgent and Unimportant. Then I put the items on my schedule starting with the first 2 categories. If there’s time left, I fill in the other 2 categories. Getting a lot more critical stuff done this way.

  4. Great ideas for task management. I am a list gal – love pencil and paper. But, I had to find a way to make it easier, and I now use Google Calendar, which pre-fills repetitive tasks. My trick . . since I can’t “check-off” done, I edit the task and put DN at the beginning of the field. DN for Done!

  5. Ah, I so much need this! I get overwhelmed with work (mainly because I get distracted with other social media things) Thanks for the checklist. It will help me get more organized and save time.

  6. Ah, I so much need this! I get overwhelmed with work (mainly because I get distracted with other social media things) Thanks for the checklist. It will help me get more organized and save time.

  7. True, this is a good point…and I am so not very good at it because I still have two different business sides, one which is very difficult to plan when it comes to time, because translation jobs can come in suddenly…and large ones too, needed very urgently, which means you need to ditch everything else, and push it forward. So often, even if I set nice time plans, they do not really work very well.

  8. This is one of the biggest buggaboos for business owners, Sonya. How easy it is to get off track! My days are quite regimented, and as my editorial projects are large, they take big blocks of time. So, I know what my days will be like 🙂 But then I have handwritten lists for the week, the month, even the ‘oh-when-I-hopefully-get-to-it’ list! Lol.

  9. My time management skills are really improving. I’m finding that adhering as much as possible to a “on Monday morning, I do these tasks, on Tuesday afternoon, I do this” is really helping.

  10. I’d be totally lost without my lists. I love the feeling of ticking things off when they have been done. I also love having a plan for the week but am grateful that, for the moment, I am able to change most of those plans if something else comes up.

  11. Although I love making lists, and ticking off things as they get done, I also love the flexibility to do things as they show up, whether unexpectedly or not. Today I’ve also had things I wanted to get done (and have done them) but also made a spontaneous decision to upload a blog post to LinkedIn…so I did that. Thanks for the tips Sonya! Lists are so helpful and really do help us all manage our time more effectively.

  12. Great advice and ideas! I find I must be “proactive” instead of “reactive” to be in control of my time. Thanks for the tips!

  13. Google calendar and its phone app really help me with time blocking and my to do lists. Making my plans the day before helps get me in the right mindset for the following day. You design awesome graphics, btw!

  14. I like paper lists too. Satisfying to mark one done for sure. I do check email much more than once a day though. At least 8 times a day as I do constantly have clients needing answers..sometimes for rush jobs. Love my lists though💞

  15. The block of time idea has been working for me. Now, I’m experimenting with scheduling a separate day to work on a project and nothing else. That keeps me focused and in the groove.

  16. Hi Sonya 🙂

    Time management is so important not just in your business but in your life as it helps you to stay organized and stress free 🙂 Awesome tips and great post!!

  17. I’m a list person too & also find time blocking bpvery effective. Even though I ow this, I do still struggle some days trying to figure out what to do and what to let go of.

  18. A few months back I purchased the Passion Journal. It has been so helpful with my time blocking. I like to work in time sprints. Right now I am trying to work on focus. Of course, the holiday season is messing with that a bit.

  19. Excellent tips.. as time management is such a huge thing for small biz owners and moms. Kudos to you on checking your email once – this is a toughy for me. And I do like you schedule my clients social but for a week. That’s great!

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