Taking a Break and Why It’s Healthy To Stop

taking a break entrepreneur

Taking a Break

As a business person, it’s not always easy to switch off, you feel you have to be constantly on the go. You may even feel you can’t take a break. Question, why did you become self employed? Surely part of the reason was the freedom? But if you’re working 50 hours a week, what was the point? Yeah yeah, doing what you love and all that. Personally, if you’re not taking a break often and grabbing a couple of holidays abroad a year, I don’t see the point. I say this whilst I am currently abroad in Tenerife. This is scheduled and right about now I should be by the pool 🙂

I probably worked on my corset business 50+ hours a week for years, until I burnt out and became ill. Would I do it again? NO. I have learned from my mistakes and I’ve also learned what works for me in both businesses. I have become extremely good at time management. Is this something that resonates with you?

Taking a Break is healthy

I see/hear this a lot, ‘i don’t remember the last time I spent a day doing nothing’ ‘I don’t remember the last time I sat with my partner and watched a film because I work every evening, but they understand’ Bullshit! They may understand now, but will they in a year? I’m telling you the likelihood is no.

I did this with my children a LOT! It stopped over a year ago and I have never looked back. I don’t pull long nights any more, I have learned to switch off and I sleep better for it. On holidays the deal is I check my phone in the morning before breakfast and answer all comments/messages etc, then again in the evening before dinner. But in-between I am present all day and having fun. They understand I have to be online to keep things ticking over, but I also understand I want to be present for my children. So that’s the agreement we have and it works very very well. Don’t get me wrong, I may spend half an hour to an hour online after they’ve gone to bed, but they’re asleep then and don’t know I was online. Often I don’t bother, because I’m so relaxed on holiday I don’t even want to work. I most often just read.

I have worked the odd night at home when I am passionate about a project, but the main reason I work the odd evening? To stop me from snacking! Yes it’s true. Over the last year I have managed to lose 15lbs and the only way to keep it off is to stop the constant snacking. So I work – I never seem to snack when I work.

Will you at least try to take a break?

Will you try taking a break too? It’s not easy I know, you have to programme your mind to do it. When all you’re used to is working, switching off is hard. You experience a physical and emotional need to pick up your phone or get your laptop out. BUT it can be done. I was an utter workaholic and look where I am now? So laid back with these things I could almost fall over!

Start by just taking an hour off. Tell yourself what day you’re going to schedule it in if that helps. I found this didn’t work for me. I wanted to have a complete break from being online one evening a week, but scheduling it in felt like pressure to me. Instead, I simply switch off earlier some evenings and just watch TV or occasionally read in bed all evening.

Do you think you can manage this? I URGE you to look after your own health and look after your relationships with your loved one and children. Make time, because you won’t get this time back.