Investing in your Business

Investing in your business

Boring as it may sound, investing in your business is super important… so keep reading! I find most new businesses have no idea where to start with investing within their business and things are all a little (or a lot) jumbled up in their mind.

I’m here in Orlando

.So if you’re in my Facebook Group  you’ll know i am in Orlando and at a huge business conference. Why am i here and why have i travelled all the way from the UK to the USA? I’ll tell you why: because i am learning from some amazing people. Not just to grow my business, but to help You grow yours too. Investing in your business is the only way to grow your business ladies (and any gents reading) You will never know it all on your own by reading thousands of hours of free online info. investing in your business

Just yesterday i listed to someone from Google speak and some other superb speakers and already i know how i am going to help current and new clients. I am not here to convince you to work with me, you either will or you won’t, but i insist at Some point that you do invest in your business, whether it be with me or someone else.

How will you invest in your business?

Investing in your business can mean a one hour coaching call to get your mind straight, it could be outsourcing your content or blogging. It could  be a bunch of other things.

Don’t have the money to invest? Seriously, most people have the money to buy takeaways every weekend or get a new tattoo, yet they won’t invest in their business? Those aren’t the clients i want to work with anyway. I want to work with Serious awesome people who truly want to grow their business and succeed.

I read a book years ago when i first starting working for myself and it gave great advise. It said everyone has the money to invest if they truly want it. Sell shit of eBay, sell on local FB pages! Because let’s face it… we all have stuff around the house we don’t need and can sell. That’s exactly how i got the money together for my first few Facebook Adverts. In turn i started turning over 5 figures a month in my previous retail business and was killing it! Do you want the same?

Time you did some thinking…

If you’re serious about growing your business, then decide what you’d like to outsource. Or what you truly need help with and let’s connect.

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Give This Gift As A Christmas Present for a Business Owner

gift christmas small business

Give This Gift As A Christmas Present for a Business Owner

The gift of giving. I don’t know about you, but as you get older, buying for others is more exciting than receiving gifts. Now don’t get me wrong, i still like receiving gifts. But buying a gift for someone special, a family member, a good friends is exciting too. So whilst i sat here in my office, i got to thinking what would a business owner like as a gift? I know when i was a brand new business owner with little to no money for marketing or getting some training. So at Christmas i asked for business books for Christmas and nice diaries that i could plan in.

Give This Gift

Do you have a friend or family member who has a new business? Maybe they’re not quite sure what they should be doing on Facebook or social media. They may not know how to blog effectively? A one hour business consultation with me could be an amazing gift for someone in that position. How do you book it? Pop along HERE and get it booked in. Once paid for, i will contact you and you can give me your friends/family members detail and i will contact them. Or you can pop it in a card and i can talk to them after Christmas.

Give a gift this year that will make a difference to someone’s business and let them have a great start to 2017. Business is hard enough, let alone when you’re not up to date with all the social media changes. Not to mention if you don’t know about SEO and blogging the right way to make it count.

At social success with Sonya, i am dedicated to helping businesses succeed and get on the right path to success.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Starting a Small Business

Starting a Small Business – The Do’s and Don’ts

Starting a small business is daunting and many will make mistakes at the start of this journey (take this from someone who knows and has made these mistakes)

I’ll start with the Dont’s and then we’ll end this blog with all the Do’s that you’ll be able to put into action.

The Dont’s of Starting a Small Business 

So you’ve decided to set up a small business, you’ve decided what you want to do and what you want to call it, you may have even set up your Facebook page. But here are some of the things you Don’t want to do when starting your new business.

  • DON’T try and do everything all at once. One thing at a time. A business takes time to build, it’s a journey, not a race.
  • DON’T use any other platform than WordPress for your blog (yes you will have to blog if you want to get more reach and make more money) and use WordPress for your website too.
  • DON’T Listen to all your friends and family giving advice, you don’t have to take their advice. Nod, say thank you, but don’t get bogged down with their ideas. This is Your business, not theirs.
  • DON’T set up on every social media platform and be everywhere all at once, start on 2 platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, grow those and then add in another social platform. Time in business is precious, use it wisely.
  • DON’T take things personally and try not get overwhelmed by other peoples opinions.
  • DON’T sacrifice friendships and relationships for your business, plan your time.

    starting a small business

    Starting a Small Business is Exciting.

Ok, here are the DO’S In Starting Up Your Small Business
  • DO have fun, it’s an exciting time, so enjoy it.
  • DO have persistence, there will be bumps in the road, get over them and move on.
  • PROVIDE great customer service right from the beginning, service is everything.
  • DO ask for help if you need it. I didn’t and wished i had. I built my first business with 2 small children and it was exhausting.
  • DO get a fabulous diary and plan the hours in your day. I use Leonie Dawsons planners, they are a firm favourite and are on their way.
  • DO set professional boundaries from the start, don’t let people think you’ll answer their queries on email at 10PM. I made this mistake and i am now very strict on my boundaries. Emails ONLY get answered during business hours and most of all i try not to work too much around the children.

I do wish you every success in your small business. Starting up a small business definitely comes with it’s challenges, but it also comes with great rewards. I will never forget the first corset i sold in my first business or the first client i got in this business. There is nothing quite like the excitement of it.

Finally Good luck in your journey, wishing you lots of success in building your new career.