Networking For Your Business

Networking For Your Business

Networking for your business whether it’s online or offline, is a crucial part of your marketing. If it hasn’t been, it ought to be. It’s another marketing strategy that doesn’t have to cost a lot of money (free if you’re online marketing) Networking for your business can be time consuming, but so beneficial. Here’s why:

Networking for your business offline:

I attended a networking event last night in Cambridge that was centred around social media help, so naturally this is my target audience. I came away buzzing and with 2 new leads to follow up with next week.

Last Friday i attended a networking event in Peterborough and met a great guy and we are chatting tomorrow about me potentially helping him with Instagram.

Last month i attended a local networking event in my small home town and i got 2 meetings from it and i am going to the next one tomorrow. It’s leading to great things already, imagine where or what it could lead to 6 months from now?networking for your business

Networking offline has already shown me why it is so beneficial for me to be doing this weekly. My target audience is obviously businesses that need help with their social media, so me finding them online hasn’t been very easy. Why? Because they’re not really hanging out on social media. They don’t feel confident hanging out there daily and therefore i am not finding them or making the connections.

I spent a lot of 2017 networking in the wrong places. 2018 is going to be very different. I have already be shown the difference it can make by doing what i was too lazy to do last year.

Networking for your business online:

Dependent on what your niche, service or product is, this can be hugely beneficial for your business. Facebook groups are great places to meet new and interesting people. However, remember you are there to network, meet new people – NOT sell to them. Networking can feel tedious, put the effort in and it will work.

I am part of a few great groups and every week i post 1-2 posts of valuable content and answer peoples questions etc and have made new contacts just by providing value. I am not there to sell (not to mention that selling is prohibited in almost all these groups)

How could you ramp up networking for your business? Could you do more online? Or could you get offline and attend some meetings yourself and see how you get on? Give the meetings a chance, it’s not an overnight thing. You will find which ones work for you and which don’t. Chalk them up as experience and learn from them.

The great thing about effective networking, is that you meet one person, which can then lead to 2 more and then several more connections. Word of mouth is a powerful thing.

Try the free MeetUp app, it’s great for local meet ups on just about anything.




Using Social Media For Business

using social media for your business

Using Social Media For Business

It seems strange that there was ever a time that we weren’t using social media for business. Social media is no longer an option and every business should be using social media for their business.

Using Social Media For Business Successfully

Here are some sure fire ways on how you can use social media for your business in an effective way.

Regular Content for social media

Whichever social media platforms you decide to use for your business, be sure you’re posting great content and Regularly. You may be absolutely fed up with the word ‘consistency’ but i’m afraid it’s a word you’ll see a lot of in the business world. Using social media the right way is a bit of a skill, so let’s get it right.

Which platform are you going to hang out on?

Have you decided where you’re going to be hanging out online? Will it be Facebook? Twitter? Pinterest? etc etc… The list can go on. My suggestion – choose two platforms and get really good at those, then start exploring other platforms. I never recommend being on all platforms and spreading yourself too thinly and then not having the time to put great content out there consistently on every platform. How are you using social media now? Something to think about.

Time block for success

Pretty much my biggest success is time blocking. I time block an hour for content creation, half an hour for posting and interacting on social media, half an hour for email lists etc. This works brilliantly and helps me stay productive and i work less hours from time blocking.

To Do lists

Get used to To Do lists, they are a life saver. It’s a good idea to do a list the day before of what you want to achieve the day before. This way, when you wake up, you know exactly what you are doing and can crack on. On the days i haven’t woken up to a ready and waiting list, i spend at least an hour writing a list, then don’t feel so productive. Make using social media for your business easy and efficient.

I’m a pen to paper girl and I have my list sat in front of me on my desk and tick off when i have completed a task. Find what works for you.

I do hope these social media tips will help you get better at working using social media and start making you more money.

Want to connect further? Book a one hour consultation with me here where we can really delve into your social media together.



Commitment to Social Media in Your Business

commitment to social media

Commitment to Social Media

Commitment to success is pretty standard for most business owners. But how about your social media?

However, how is your commitment to social media looking ? Pretty high Or are you going to give up within 6 months?

I get it, social media isn’t what it used to be and let me tell you, it ain’t gonna get much better or any easier. So what are you going to do about it? Sit and cry or put big your big girl panties on and just get on with it? As a business owner you have to get used to the pitfalls of running your own business. So stand up, brush yourself down and let’s get committed to making social media work for your business.

Your commitment to social media

Let’s get you committed. Not literally, but lets pledge your commitment to social media today. I want you to stop faffing around and commit to posting on 2 social media platforms. Which 2 will you choose and remember, where is your audience?

What are you willing to commit to? For myself it’s different. I post on my clients social media platforms dependant on what they pay me to do. For my own, i post several times a day. On Facebook at least 3 times a day, on twitter at least 10 times a day and Instagram at least twice a day (but usually more.)

Devising a plan

Ok so you’re commitment to social media is now at an all time high. Now let’s devise a plan. Decide which platforms you’re going to use and when you’re going to post on those platforms. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer here, this is Your plan and knowing your limits. plan your commitment to social media

Once a month or week (i prefer weekly) sit down and get some content ready. Good content is essential, not just an image with 2-3 words. Great content along with great images will get you a long way on social media. Therefore you must be showing as giving value.

I’d love to hear below which 2 platforms you have chosen and how often will you post on them.


Social Media and The Best Times to Post

social media posting

Social Media and The Best Times to Post

Social media can be a bit of a jungle when using it for business, many businesses daily are fudging it, posting randomly and without any strategy in place. I came across a post by Social Media Marketing Group and found some interesting social media posting facts.

Social Media – When should i post?

Wondering when you should be posting on social media? Check out these super interesting statistics:

Post On Facebook, the data shows as follows:

Sunday: 32% higher engagement
Thursday: 18% higher engagement
Friday: 18% higher engagement
Saturday: 32% higher engagement
9 am
1 pm: Get the most shares
3 pm: Get the most clicks
On Twitter, however, it looks a bit different:

Wednesday is the best day to tweet.

The best times are 12 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm, and 6 pm.
Posting on Wednesday and noon and between 5 and 6 pm is optimal, though to increase retweets and clickthroughs, you can also tweet right at noon and 3pm. You can safely experiment with 2-3 am, 6-7am, and 9-10 pm.

Use Pinterest? Take a look at this figures and facts:

Sunday: Best for Food
Monday: Best for Fitness
Tuesday: Best for Gadgets
Wednesday: Best for Quotes
Thursday: Best for Outfits
Friday: Best for GIFs
Saturday: Best for Travel
The best times to pin are 2 pm, 9 pm, and 2 am. Avoid Pinterest during work hours, and for best results, include a call to action, and try to match the best topics of the day.

LinkedIn then changes it up and the best days to post on there are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. The best time to post are either between 7-8am, then noon and then 5-6pm. The times when professionals aren’t sat at their desk.

The data for Instagram shows people are engaged throughout the week, however Mondays and Thursday tend to get a bit more attention.

I hope these facts and figures have given you something yo think about and maybe a new strategy is on the horizon for your business? This Blog Post on what content to post may help you too.  Let me know if these work for you.

Scheduling Tools and Why They Are Essential

scheduling tools

Scheduling Tools and Why They Are Essential In Business

Scheduling tools are my life line in business and they are in most entrepreneurs lives too. I for one cannot imagine posting live daily for every single post on each social platform i use. I’m currently use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram daily. I am adding Pinterest into my daily use as of 2017. Could i post on all these social media platforms live daily? Absolutely not! It’s all i would spend my time doing and i would never be able to switch off. I’d never find time to blog or create graphics, i’d basically be a walking mess.

So What Scheduling Tools Do I Use?

Easy, i use Hootesuite. I used to use it a few years back, but they became a little unreliable, so i moved over to sprout social, which is a paid scheduling tool, but i loved it. Then earlier this year i started hearing Hootesuite was all the rage again, so after a little research, i decided to start using it again and they haven’t let me down this year yet. So I left sprout social (saving $40 a month) and moved back over to Hootesuite (free). There are a ton of scheduling tools out there and it’s always a good idea to do a little research and test some out before deciding which one you want to stick to.

Why Are Scheduling Tools So Important?

Naturally, the obvious answer is that these scheduling tools are keeping your audience entertained whilst you are otherwise engaged. You can go about your day without thinking about posting. I schedule everything except Instagram, i post live on there 1-2 times a day. Then as well as all my scheduled posts on twitter, i post live a further 3-6 times a day too and of course interact.

What scheduling also allows for is consistent posting. It’s no good posting 3 days straight and then forget about posting for 2 days. People easily forget and believe me when i tell you, you want to stay in front of your audience daily and Not be forgotten. Plus you can spread out your posts. In one hour, you can schedule several days worth of posts (depending on how often you choose to post.) So it’s a massive time saver and gives you peace of mind that it’s working for you whilst you go to the gym, cook dinner, do the kids homework etc.

I’m interested to know which scheduling tool you use and why?

10 Things Successful People Do

10 Things Successful People Do

Successful people do things a little differently, there is a demeanour of control, they know where they’re at and are confident. Now to be a successful person, you don’t have to own a million dollar business, far from it. Successful people come in all shapes and sizes and business sizes. You can have a small business that pays the bills and allows for a couple of nice holidays a year, that in my eyes is a successful person.

successful people

Do you tick some of the boxes of these things that successful people do?

Here is my view of what a successful person does frequently:

  1. They start the day with a good breakfast.
  2. They tackle the tough challenges first and do not sweep them under the carpet.
  3. They clear their desk and office space (I really need to do this more)
  4. They visualise the week ahead and put goals in place.
  5. They are able to say no (that’s a big one right there)
  6. They update their To Do List and goals regularly.
  7. They make that extra effort to smile.
  8. They don’t let hard times squash their dreams, they power through.
  9. They stay focused.
  10. They wake up early and are ready for they day no matter what it holds.

I find that these ring true. Don’t get me wrong, not every successful person does All of the above, but I am betting that they do most of the above and can probably add more to the list too. Are you a successful person who can add some pointers to this list? I’d love for you to comment and let us know.

In order to be successful, you don’t have to be rich, you just need to be comfortable and have passion what you do. I found a quote on Pinterest by Jen Welter that said “If you want to be successful in this world, you have to follow your passion and not a paycheque” and that my friend is the truth!

Keep following and chasing your dreams folks, you got this.


Are you wasting time in your business?

Are you wasting time in your business?

Oh but you think you’re not, but I bet you are, especially if you’re a new business.

The front and foremost when in business is marketing, that is what you should be doing the most and alongside all that marketing, you should be building relationships with your audience. We talked about that last week HERE.

You should be spending a good 80% or thereabouts marketing and getting your message out there. But here are some of the big things people are doing and are wasting time in their business doing too much of:

wasting time in your business

Don’t waste time in your business, out source what you can’t manage and concentrate on what you’re great at.

Creating: Now of course you need to create content, you need to write blog posts and design awesome graphics, but are you spending far too much time doing it? These are some of the things you can out source and then you spend your time marketing these blog posts and scheduling these images that others have created for you.

Masterminding: Are you one of those people that goes to a mastermind group every single week, drinks coffee but doesn’t come away with much? Truth be told, lots of people do. Much like networking, if you’re attending 3 days a week networking, when are spending time on your actual business? Think about it?

Planning: Don’t get me wrong, we all need to plan a bit. We need to schedule our posts, plan our days so that we are productive, but are you forever planning ‘maps’ of your business, 3 year ‘business plans’ that are rarely followed? Sometimes a week in advance is enough and take it step by step.

Stop Wasting Time In Your Business Today.

It’s time to cut down on the above, realise when you need something out sourcing and start marketing like a pro, building relationships and the money will come… just don’t think of money with everything you do. Think ‘how can i help’ rather than ‘how much will I earn’ and the magic will start happening.

If you need help with any form of out sourcing, I am always happy to help. Just pop along to the website HERE and feel free to email us if you are looking for something specific.


Believe In Your Business and Yourself

Believe In Your Business and Yourself ~ Super Important.

Do you believe in your business? Is it a passion of yours? I remember when i opened my first business 4 years ago and i remember i couldn’t figure out what i wanted to do, but the only thing i do remember thinking was that whatever i did, i had to be passionate about it.  That’s when my first retail business launched.

So why didn’t i keep doing what i did back then? Easy, i lost my passion. I have found that this year more than ever, i’d like to help other businesses and help them grow, i have found a real satisfaction from helping other businesses in areas i know i am good at. I believe in myself and you have to believe in yourself too, not to mention believe in your business. believe in your business and yourself

What do i mean by believe in your business?

You have to believe it can work and believe that you can make it work. Do you want to make a difference? Do you want to see more than just seeing the money come flowing? Naturally when you first open your business, all you think is money to begin with, but somewhere along the line, you start to find that other areas will excite you too. You want to solve someones problem and when they email you thanking you for helping/solve their pain point, you will find yourself with a big grin on your face. Knowing you’ve made a difference is a huge sense of achievement.

When a client emails me and say’s ‘Thanks for the awesome posts on my Facebook page this week” it makes me happy. It makes me even happier when they say someone bought something from one of those posts or signed up to one of their webinars. I am in business to help people and lighten their load by helping businesses write blogs and help them on their social media platforms.

Keep believing in yourself and believe in your business.



Schedule Your Day ~ Why Business Owners Must Schedule

Schedule Your Day ~ Why Business Owners Must Schedule.

Are you running around like a loon day to day, getting your work done in snippets, snatching time here and there? Yep, been there and done that, but not anymore, (well maybe sometimes)

Gone are the days when i am running around like a headless chicken, i now have a fancy diary and write in it with the jobs i need to achieve and if i’m really good i’ll even schedule my day hour by hour and it always amazes me how much i get done on the days i am super organised.  I even schedule in my house chores too if i know things need doing and it’s going to be a busy day.

How Will You Schedule Your Day?

There are a bunch of online schedulers, it all depends on what your preference is. I am a pen to paper kinda girl, but some of you may prefschedule your dayer an online schedular, here is a list of some that are available.

Ask yourself these questions:

How do i balance work/family life?

How do i stop putting off things i don’t want to do?

How to i increase productivity?

These are just a few of the questions entrepreneurs ask themselves and some of you have been in business a while, but i bet you’re still asking those questions some days right? The answer is simple, schedule your day and the questions will start answering themselves. Being a little organised can go a long way, take it from me, who can easily go from one project to the next without finishing any of them. Not now though, if i say i am writing a blog, i finish the blog. If i say i am designing 5 images, then that’s what i do.

Schedule Your Day ladies and gents and get productive.

Why Facebook Likes Are Still Important Today.

Want to know why Facebook Likes Are Even More Important now?

Then let me tell you why. Facebook likes are still so important for several reasons. Let’s paint a picture: Everyone wants to be liked right? I don’t know about you, but my mum used to tell me when i was a kid that being popular wasn’t important and in every day life that might be quite true. But in the Facebook world you want to be popular right? We want fan page likes and people liking the content on our page all the time.

So What Happens When Someone Likes Your Fan Page?  

why Facebook likes are still important

Why Facebook Likes Are Still Important

They became a fan ~ Yay! But it’s more than that, they also get to see your content and share it with their friends, which gets more eyes on your posts… For Free! Are you seeing why Facebook likes are still  important? Every Like on Facebook has a purpose and it gets us more exposure.

Back in the day, just about everyone who liked your fan page saw what you posted, it came up in their newsfeed and many people Liked, Shared or Commented. These days it’s not so easy i’m afraid. With tons of fan pages across the world, Facebook has dramatically decreased how often they share your posts on your fans newsfeed, which has had many business owners in a rage.

Facebook Likes Are Still Important, So What Can You Do To Increase Numbers?

So your page is barely getting seen? Page likes and post likes are down? Yeah i hear ya loud and clear! Take a look at your page and see how often you’re posting. Are you posting enough? Daily at least? You MUST be posting daily if you want any kind of reach. Then the other end of the spectrum. Are you posting too much? Posting every hour but people aren’t seeing your posts? Then maybe try decreasing the number you post. Ensure your images are good, the size that works for Facebook (Canva is a great tool for designing images and getting the right size images for each social media platform) Facebook likes are still important in a sensational way and we need to learn how to optimise what we’ve got and get more Likes if we can.

Facebook Pay to Play.  

Example Of Boosting Your Posts To Your Fans.

Example Of Boosting Your Posts To Your Fans.

Time for the bad news. If you want Facebook to show your fans more of your page, you may have to pay to play so to speak. Facebook (as any business would) want to make money and want you to pay them for them to show more posts. They want you to pay to Boost your posts and get seen more. I predict that Facebook will expect us all to pay if we want our posts to be shown, or we will end up in Zero newsfeeds.

Tip On Boosted Posts.

If you’re boosting a post, boost to your fans first. They Liked your page for a reason and they are likely either missing your posts or have forgotten that you exist, so by boosting to that audience, you are showing them you are still around. Growing our Facebook likes is still important, but don’t forget about fans who liked your page ages ago.

Good luck in your business and we are here to help with your Social Media and Marketing Needs when the time is right for you.