30 Day Social Media Challenge

social media challenge

Social Media Challenge

A 30 day social media challenge that is going to change your perspective on how you do social media and show just how many more people you can reach using social media.

Social media is about consistency, perservernce and a little elbow grease to make it work. I know it’s not easy and i know for some it’s a bit time consuming. BUT i am going to change the way you look at social media with this social media challenge starting in September.

How will the social media challenge work?

The social media challenge will take part within a Facebook Group. If you’re not on Facebook… well… i can’t see how you’re in business online. So, you’ll be put in a Facebook group just before the challenge begins and once payment has been made. The cost? A mere £47! Now some have told me that’s too cheap. Maybe it is. However, i wanted to make this affordable for new businesses and those that haven’t quite got to grip with how social media works. So i wanted it to cost no more than say ‘dinner and drinks out’

If you think £47 is too expensive, i’d like you to take a step back and ask yourself Why are you in business? If you can’t invest this small amount, my fear is you simply won’t be successful. I have businesses that invest £100’s in me monthly to help their businesses grow and to keep their social media running and current. Those are the serious businesses.

Now i’m not saying you’re not serious, but you are being a tight arse if you won’t invest this. Drop 2 take aways and invest in this instead. Your business needs this.

What will you achieve through this challenge?

This social media challenge is not only going to grow your numbers on social media, but you’ll get more eyes on your business and social media platforms. You’re going to engage with these new people and build relationships. New relationships on social media take anything from 2-6 months to form properly and only then do you stand a chance of earning any money from these relationships.

Social media is a constant ongoing thing that you CANNOT pick up and drop when you feel like this. This right here is why people pay me what they pay me.

Who’s game???? Find me on Facebook Here and let’s connect. Send me a message on messenger and let’s you get you set up. Know anyone else that might be interested in this or needs it? Give them my details.

We’re going to end this year on a high!

Sonya Kolodziejska

How To Grow Your Twitter Followers

How To Grow Your Twitter Followers

Here you’ll read some simple steps on how to grow your twitter followers. Let me just say it straight right off the back, you will Not read here about buying followers, to grow your twitter followers you have to put the work in.

Let’s start with your twitter profile:

So, how is your profile picture looking? Is it catching peoples attentions? This will be peoples first impression and can easily determine whether they’ll hit the follow button. Once you’ve chosen your profile picture, make sure it’s the right size for twitter and make sure it’s a good quality photo, not blurry.

Next: Are you using hashtags in your posts? Most people forget, i am guilty of that too. Don’t use too many, but do use 2-3 good ones per post. Switch them up a little too, don’t use the same ones every time.

Make sure your tweets are readable. What do i mean? Here is an example of one of my tweets: Read here how to avoid these common social media mistakes http://blog.socialsuccesswithsonya.co.uk/2016/06/13/social-media-nightmares-avoid/ #socialmedia #businesses

Here is how it would look if it was unreadable:  Read here how to avoid these common #socialmedia mistakes in #business http://blog.socialsuccesswithsonya.co.uk/2016/06/13/social-media-nightmares-avoid/

Some More Tips on How To Grow Your Twitter Followers:

Don’t use hashtags throughout the post, use them at the end to make it readable.

Do not just post links to your blogs and products, you need to create relationships with your audience, post awesome graphics that are the right size for twitter that will grab peoples attentions. Don’t forget to say good morning, good evening, have a great weekend, all the usual day to day stuff. Don’t Be Boring!

grow your twitter followers

Grow Your Twitter Followers ~ Start Today.

Last but not least, don’t forget to ask for the odd retweet and i do mean the Odd retweet. It can’t be more than a couple of times a day, otherwise you’re just begging and that is uncool.

How Can I Help?

I have helped clients grow their twitter followers by using my own strategy, NO not by buying followers, i’ll leave that for the cheapies out there. I target my clients niche and grow their twitter followers. If you are interested in this, Contact Me Here and let’s see what i can do you and your business to grow your twitter followers.

Have an amazing day ~ Sonya


Social Media Nightmares and How To Avoid Them

Social Media Nightmares and How To Avoid Them

Nightmares are scary and making mistakes happen, but when you make mistakes on Social Media, the whole world seems to find out!

Here are a couple of mistakes people are making daily on social media and how you can avoid them.

  • Typo’s, spelling mistakes and grammar. Well we all make spelling mistakes when we are rushing or reading back on content too quickly whilst checking for errors before sending it out. You need to take time out and re-read your content before throwing it out there (what are the chances i publish this and there is a typo in this blog post now lol) Grammar, seriously this is my massive bug bear. People can’t get their there, they’re and their’s right and stuff like that makes my blood boil a bit. If you’re in business, you need to be getting these minor things right. If you are dyslexic or have a problem of that nature, maybe consider someone else to write your copy?

    social media mistakes

    Need Help With Your Copy? I’d love to help.

[tweetthis]Even when you’re careful, spelling and grammar mistakes happen. Don’t sweat the small stuff, learn from your mistakes. [/tweetthis]

  • Public annoyances or awkward customers. I don’t believe there is such a thing as a customer base that is 100% satisfied, mistakes happen on the business side of things and sometimes a customer just isn’t happy. What do you do? You take a massive breath (or two) and calmly deal with this customer. They may be writing all over your social media platforms complaining and moaning, all you can do is try and calm them down and if you were in the wrong, own up to your mistake. Do NOT get into an argument with a customer, they’ll never be your customer again if you do. Try and take the conversation offline if you can or to email, where nobody else will see the grumpy customers words.

If you need any help with blog writing, copy writing, prove reading or anything business related, please do visit the website here or email me at info@socialsuccesswithsonya.co.uk

10 Things Successful People Do

10 Things Successful People Do

Successful people do things a little differently, there is a demeanour of control, they know where they’re at and are confident. Now to be a successful person, you don’t have to own a million dollar business, far from it. Successful people come in all shapes and sizes and business sizes. You can have a small business that pays the bills and allows for a couple of nice holidays a year, that in my eyes is a successful person.

successful people

Do you tick some of the boxes of these things that successful people do?

Here is my view of what a successful person does frequently:

  1. They start the day with a good breakfast.
  2. They tackle the tough challenges first and do not sweep them under the carpet.
  3. They clear their desk and office space (I really need to do this more)
  4. They visualise the week ahead and put goals in place.
  5. They are able to say no (that’s a big one right there)
  6. They update their To Do List and goals regularly.
  7. They make that extra effort to smile.
  8. They don’t let hard times squash their dreams, they power through.
  9. They stay focused.
  10. They wake up early and are ready for they day no matter what it holds.

I find that these ring true. Don’t get me wrong, not every successful person does All of the above, but I am betting that they do most of the above and can probably add more to the list too. Are you a successful person who can add some pointers to this list? I’d love for you to comment and let us know.

In order to be successful, you don’t have to be rich, you just need to be comfortable and have passion what you do. I found a quote on Pinterest by Jen Welter that said “If you want to be successful in this world, you have to follow your passion and not a paycheque” and that my friend is the truth!

Keep following and chasing your dreams folks, you got this.


Are you wasting time in your business?

Are you wasting time in your business?

Oh but you think you’re not, but I bet you are, especially if you’re a new business.

The front and foremost when in business is marketing, that is what you should be doing the most and alongside all that marketing, you should be building relationships with your audience. We talked about that last week HERE.

You should be spending a good 80% or thereabouts marketing and getting your message out there. But here are some of the big things people are doing and are wasting time in their business doing too much of:

wasting time in your business

Don’t waste time in your business, out source what you can’t manage and concentrate on what you’re great at.

Creating: Now of course you need to create content, you need to write blog posts and design awesome graphics, but are you spending far too much time doing it? These are some of the things you can out source and then you spend your time marketing these blog posts and scheduling these images that others have created for you.

Masterminding: Are you one of those people that goes to a mastermind group every single week, drinks coffee but doesn’t come away with much? Truth be told, lots of people do. Much like networking, if you’re attending 3 days a week networking, when are spending time on your actual business? Think about it?

Planning: Don’t get me wrong, we all need to plan a bit. We need to schedule our posts, plan our days so that we are productive, but are you forever planning ‘maps’ of your business, 3 year ‘business plans’ that are rarely followed? Sometimes a week in advance is enough and take it step by step.

Stop Wasting Time In Your Business Today.

It’s time to cut down on the above, realise when you need something out sourcing and start marketing like a pro, building relationships and the money will come… just don’t think of money with everything you do. Think ‘how can i help’ rather than ‘how much will I earn’ and the magic will start happening.

If you need help with any form of out sourcing, I am always happy to help. Just pop along to the website HERE and feel free to email us if you are looking for something specific.


Is Your Social Media Campaign Working?

Is Your Social Media Campaign Working?

What makes a social media campaign work? It’s a question most Think they know the answer to, but it is in fact something a little different.

Did you initially think that a working social media campaign means more sales? Well most would think that. But no, it firstly all starts with building relationships. This is a key fact that many small businesses, no matter their niches tend to neglect and then find they are losing customers. Customer care is the most important  factor here.

Let’s look into how to make a social campaign work for you.

So we have established that the first key point here is to build and create long standing relationships with your customers.

social media campaigns

Read here how we help clients with their social media campaigns.

If you are asking yourself questions like ‘but how do I do this?’ or ‘when will I see the money?’ then we have problems there that we need to sort out first. In this day and age, people are buying from social media platforms more and more and people want to buy from businesses that they know, like and trust. If you’re solely reliant on the end result (Money) then you won’t be in business for long. If you need help with this, see how we can help manage your social media platforms and start building awesome relationships with your audience HERE.

Now remember, you cannot systemise relationships, but you Can schedule your posts ahead of time (all organised business owners need to be doing this). Also you need to remember you are not just pushing your product on people, you are asking questions, you are posting great images with quotes that your target audience will relate to. Try posting at the end of the day ‘Describe your day in just 3 words’ and you’ll see the interaction. Now don’t forget to engage with those that reply too!

So what else makes a social media campaign work?

Well consistency of course! If you’re not consistent and only showing up when you want  sale, then you’re not building relationships. This is where scheduling is great. I am off on a spa day tomorrow and will have everything scheduled for tomorrow by this afternoon, then all I need to do is pop in a few times to say hi and answer peoples questions.

One final big Tip: Learn how to like your audience, become their friend and they Will like you back.

Sonya ~ Helping to put you on the social media map.