Content Marketing Distributing Tips You Can Take On Straight Away

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Content Marketing Distribution Tips You Can Can Start Implementing Straight Away

Content marketing is a key point of any business in this day and age. Just about any business knows that and if you don’t, you need to get up to speed and quickly.

Let me give you a little example about content distribution. Last week I talked about blogging regularly. So you’ve spent the last week perfecting your latest blog post, finally post it and then what? How do you distribute it after that?

Content Marketing ~ How best to distribute your content.

Personally for my business, i have found that posting my blog posts on Twitter has really helped generate more traffic. At social success with Sonya, we don’t just post the new blogs, we post the old ones too, because they are blog posts of value to my audience. I do post them on Facebook too, but i find they get more interaction on Twitter. How do you distribute your blog posts?

A big mistake that businesses make, is spending 99% of their time crafting their content, and 1% of their time focused on content distribution. It’s not just about writing great content and creating pretty graphics, it’s about getting it out there for people to see too.

Another key point in content marketing and how to distribute it: NEVER rely on just one stream of distribution. Use various social media platforms effectively, use your email list and any other way you can think of. Consistent content marketing is absolutely essential in small and large businesses. Don’t get slack, get creating and get your content out there.

Quick Content and Marketing Checklist:
  • Blog weekly and then deliver that blog post via social media platforms regularly and potentially through your email list too.
  • Always deliver the goods, if you say you’re going to do something, then do it.
  • Design great graphics for your posts, blog and non blog posts too.
  • Create different graphics to use on Twitter, even for the same blog post, it will catch more peoples attention.
  • Spend more time disturbing your content, not just creating it.

Guess what i am off to do right now? Go and create more graphics for my blog posts and schedule some on my Twitter profile.

How To Use Twitter For Business

How To Use Twitter For Business.

How to use twitter for business is a real eye opener and if twitter confuses the blinkers off of you, then you need to read these sure fire tips to get you started. These are some simple quick tips that newbie twitter  users can use without getting too technical.

how to use twitter for business

Tips On How To Use Twitter For Business.

Branding Your Twitter For Business Account.

We’re guessing if you are about to launch using Twitter for business, then you also use other social platforms within your business too? The key here is to make all your social media and marketing plans mirror one another. Incorporate the same graphic and description, so that your brand is the same wherever people find you and they will start to recognise who you are. May businesses know how to use twitter for business, but some get it epically wrong.

What Will You Tweet?

Definitely NOT just business stuff, remember that you want to build relationships through social media, not just make money, it isn’t as easy as that. Of course there will be some business posts, but you need to also be giving your audience tips in your niche, help them, solve a problem. You will also need to get ready to tweet A lot! The life span of a tweet is no more than say 20 minutes to an hour, so you need to be posting hourly if you can. Now of course we don’t expect you to be live posting, you can use an amazing tool called that can help you out a ton.

Be Original.

Be original, don’t copy competitors and don’t copy and paste from other blog posts. Make your twitter a place people like hanging out in and can’t wait to retweet your content.

Images For Twitter.

As my son would say ‘You can’t use any old image’ he does make me giggle when he talks like that, he is only 7! You have to remember that the recommended image size for twitter is 1024px X 512px. You’ll want to get that right. It was a game changer for The Burgandy Boudoir when we helped them design images perfect for Twitter.

Think you might need help with using twitter for business? Drop us an email at and we will get you hooked up with an awesome twitter account.

We know how to use twitter for business and if you need help on that platform, pop over Here to see what we can do for you.