Time Management in Business

Time Management in Business

Time management is so important in everything you do, not just in business. Do you need to manage your time better and be more productive? Time management is crucial when running a business. It is something that will run away from you and you’ll struggle to play catch up. Trust me, i know this all too well. As i sit and write this, i have both kids in holiday club and i made a list of everything i needed to get done today. During the summer with both kids at home, running a business is far from easy. Also with clubs being so expensive, they only go in once a week at most. I often lag behind and struggle to complete tasks.

How i managed my time today:

time management business

How does your time management look?

Here is what my lists usually look like. And they don’t consist of me checking my email every 10 minutes and sitting on Facebook all day (sorry to say)

  • Design 10 graphics for a clients twitter account
  • Check email (once)
  • Write blog for client
  • Write my own blog (this one)
  • Schedule clients Facebook posts for the next 3 days
  • Create graphics for my business
  • Schedule my one posts for the next 3 days (yet to be done)

You get the picture right? I enjoy ticking off my tasks and seeing them completed. I’m old fashioned and like a paper and pen diary. I put everything in there that needs to get done and it pretty much always gets done when i schedule my time.

Time Management and Blocking Time Slots

This is another thing i do, i block time for each client and my business. So today i worked on one clients graphics and scheduled for their Facebook page, i wrote this blog and one other, i am yet to check emails and i have dealt with a bunch of queries for a client. I time blocked all this and i have got a ton of stuff done. The kids are back at school after being off for 7 weeks over summer, so i finally have a lot more hours in my week, so time management is far easier.

If time management is a struggle for you or you are so busy that you are now in a position to out source, let me see if i can help. You’ll find many of the services i offer Here.

Content Creation For Your Business

Content Creation For Your Business

Content creation is a very important part of your business and can be quite time consuming. For some, content creation comes easily, but for others it’s a chore and can take hours a week, just to get some basic out there.

Content Creation Tips

Not sure what to post? Start the day with a friendly good morning post, say hello to your audience and i suggest doing the same in the evening too. You need to find a way of reaching out and engaging with your audience that has nothing to do with your business. If all you’re doing is trying to sell to them, people will get bored quickly and move on. A few popular quotes will go along way too, google and Pinterest can be your best friend here.

You’ll need enough evergreen content that you can recycle and use again and again, but not so much that people are seeing it daily, so be sure you have a stock pile. Your aim is to get people interacting and engaging, find interesting ways to innovate.

content creation

Don’t Let Content Creation Drag You Down

Did you know that 54% of small business struggle to create content?

Don’t forget, posting your blogs makes for great content too. When you’re writing blog posts, do not focus on what is perfect through your eyes, rather focus on producing a blog that is great for your readers.

IF content creation is a chore for you, have you considered out sourcing this part of your work week? It could save you hours per week. I must admit, this is one of my biggest selling business packages, there are 3 to choose from HERE. These will provide evergreen content for either your Facebook or Twitter platform. Plus is is content that you will be able to use over and over again.

Quick Tips:

  • Forget Perfection
  • Be Real
  • Use correct image sizes for your social media platforms
  • Be Conversational
  • See what’s working and do more like that

Sonya ~ Supporting businesses succeed.

Content Creation and Management

Content creation and management for social media, do you struggle with it? I know lot of people do struggle with what to post on social media and often spend hours and hours on this per week. But then you come across someone like me who can do that leg work for you and create content for your platforms whilst you concentrate on other things.

It’s important to post regularly on your social media platforms, so content creation and management are key. I have a bunch evergreen content on stand by that i can grab at any point for my business. Do you have a similar system or something like this in place?

You must post things that are engaging, things that people will want to respond to, comment on, share or Like. If you’re not doing this, then you’re not building relationships with your audience, which is key! Don’t forget, you’ll need to be popping in several times a day at least to answer people too.

Content Creation and Management and What I Can Offer.

I’m not pushing you to buy from me, but i just want you to know that these options are out there should you need them in the future. My first package is a £99 package and you can read more about it HERE. 

Then there is the bigger package (click on the image for full details) where i will provide a massive 55 pieces of content for you to use any time of year and that you can re-use when you need to.  We can tailor this to your preferred social media platform, whether it be Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I am currently working on content creation for a company in the USA who want 75 pieces of content.

content creation and management and package

See What You’ll Get With This Content Creation Package Here.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, it means you are concentrating on something else and need to out source the kind of stuff that can be time consuming or maybe your business growing and it is time to out source a little now?

It’s a pretty good feeling when you to source and lighten that load. I know from experience experience from owning a retail online store, things got manic and i found an awesome VA (virtual assistant) to help me.

So if you need help, reach out, i won’t bite 🙂