Content Marketing and Being Consistent.

Content Marketing and Being Consistent.

Content marketing is one thing in business you need to get good at if you want to succeed and make money. What is content? Content is what you’re putting out there for prospective clients to see daily and you want to make sure it’s good content.

Great Marketing is Key! If you’re not being consistent, not only will you not be creating relationships or making money, your audience will literally forget about you. It’s true. Let’s face it, everyone is doing the job i do right? I know 20+ people doing what i do and there are 1000’s more, so i need to make sure i am in my audiences newsfeed daily. I want them to come to me when they need help, not my colleagues.

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Is your content marketing up to scratch?

So how does my content marketing look?

I schedule at least 8-10 posts per day on Facebook and at least 12 on Twitter, but i ensure to post on Twitter throughout the day too. With twitter moving at such a high speed you have to be showing up regularly. I also engage with my followers several times a day. My graphics are the correct size for either Facebook and Twitter so that they can easily be seen by my audience.

The same goes for my Instagram graphics. They are the correct size for Instagram, the text does Not run off the page. It’s a pet hate of mine. The way i see it, if you’re not good at creating graphics, then let someone else do it for you. OR get good at it. It doesn’t look professional when your images are all over the place and unreadable. Not to mention if they are all the wrong size too.

Content marketing isn’t just about marketing your products or your services, you need to engage with your audience. Ask them how they are today, tell them good morning and good night. Maybe ask them how they take their coffee? It’s about creating relationships first, if you only remember two things about this blog post. It’s about creating relationships and being consistent.

What Can You Do?

Don’t just throw content out there for the sake of it, take time to create content, study your audience and if you have no idea what you’re doing, then please let me help. My content packages are popular. See them Here and see which one fits your business needs.

15 Catchy Headlines For Your Blog or Newsletter

15 Catchy Headlines For Your Blog or Newsletter

Think headlines aren’t important? Think again! Catchy headlines are everything or you can forget your blog posts being read or your emails being opened. Just not going to happen if your headlines are rubbish. You need to draw people in, grab their attention and make them Want to read what you’ve got to say.

catchy headlines for blogs and newsletters

Still Stuck? Attention Grabbing Headlines in Our Blog Posts For You Every Time. See Here What We Can Do For You Here.

This list of catchy headlines are easily adaptable and you’ll be able to tweak to your niche and use them instantly, let them help inspire your next blog post.

We want you to be successful, so take all our tips on board. Being an entrepreneur is on of the hardest jobs, but also the most rewarding. Don’t give up yet. Go write your next blog with one of these headlines.

Here is your list of Headlines To Get You Started

  1. X Things You Won’t Believe
  2. X Reasons Something Is A Bad Idea
  3. How To Make…
  4. How To Start…
  5. X Reasons You Should Start…
  6. X Steps To…
  7. X vs Z ~ Which Is Better?
  8. The Secret To…
  9. The Truth About…
  10. Why This Fails
  11. The Ultimate Guide To…
  12. 50 Ways To…
  13. Why We Do This…
  14. 10 Reasons Not To…
  15. Top 5 Resources For…

Start with these and you’ll see you get more opens and hopefully more people sharing your blog posts. Don’t forget to use great images in your posts too, they matter Hugely. Need help with image design? We’ve got you covered. Let Us Help You Here. Image design and writing doesn’t come naturally to everyone and as your business grows, you soon start out sourcing what you’re not so good at and spend your time doing what you’re really good at. Be wise and own up to what you’re not too good at.

Personally i am not good at Opt Ins, i out source that to Anna who rocks at them and designs awesome images for your landing page too. I couldn’t be without her. If you need an opt in, send us an email over on the website and we’ll hook you up with her.

Now go write that next blog post or newsletter with one of the above catchy headlines. Let us know how it does.