Plan To Succeed or Plan To Fail

plan to succeed

Plan To Succeed or Plan To Fail

Plan to succeed or plan to fail – ever heard of that saying? Probably a 1000 times right? If you don’t plan to succeed in your business and sit down and actually start planning how you’re going to succeed, how will you succeed? This saying applies to all of the New Year’s resolutions people made a couple of months ago – getting in shape, becoming financially stable, and yes, your social media strategy, too. Have you succeeded in sticking with the plan?

Tips on how you can plan to succeed.

Throughout December, i got planning, i wanted and of course still do, for 2017 to be my best year yet, especially after a hard 2016. So i sat down and started to plan to succeed. I bought a couple of fabulous journals and planners and got started. It really helped me clear my head and get focused. Here are some tips to get started (it’s not to late to succeed and plan, we’re only in February)

  • Prioritise your goals and decide how you plan on achieving them. Write down step by step how you are going to achieve those goals.
  • Know your business objectives. What are you actually trying to achieve on social media? Building your email list? Building relationships? (which you should be doing anyway) Making sales? For example, if you’re wanting to drive sales but push image-heavy content with no easy click-through option, users will drop off and you will fall short of accomplishing your website traffic & sales quota.
  • Huge tip before you write your strategy: Tell your story, don’t just try to sell to people all day long.
  • Now start writing that strategy. Decide which social media platforms you are going to concentrate on. How often will you post and what times of day? (Then you have to actually stick to this)

What does your audience want to see?

Most of all, your audience wants an experience. They want to feel special, feel like they matter and of course want to see great customer service. Another thing, find out what your audience is passionate about and get focused on that. Lastly, show your audience your passion. This is such a simple marketing tactic, yet so many companies are missing the boat.

Then maybe do the odd competition or giveaway. It doesn’t have to be a full make up set or item of clothing, it can be a discount code. People just love entering competitions, i’ve been doing it on This Facebook Page for years on and off and it works.

I hope after reading this you found a nugget or 2 and can put some fire into your strategy, or at least start one of you haven’t got one.

5 Places You Need To Be To Build A Successful Online Business.


build a successful online business

There is an incredible amount of information out there for small businesses that you could be forgiven for getting confused and getting yourself in a bit of a muddle. So i write this blog post for small businesses who want to succeed online and where you need to be showing up online. To build a successful online businesses, read these 5 crucial places you need to be and what you need to have.

5 Places You Need To Be To Build a Successful Online Business.

Website: The first and foremost is you need a website, a platform that people can land on and get to know more about you and see what it is that you sell. Your website will be the first impression people get of you, so ensure it’s clean and fresh and not just a jumble of offers. Make sure there is a section ‘About Us’ and write a genuine bio in there about who you are and what you can offer to help your industry. Don’t make it all about selling.

Blog: A definite must have after your website. Get your blog within your website if using a wordpress website or have it attached to your website like i have. whichever route you choose, it needs to be ON your website for people to easily reach. Then of course you need to actually blog Good content! Not just a bunch of facts or selling your services/products, your blogs need to be informative, not too ‘salesly’ and they need a good image or two in them to help your blog post stand out. Providing long term value to your customers will in turn provide sales, be patient.  build a successful online business

An Email List: Yes you absolutely must be building an email list and have an offer on your website and blog where people can sign up and hear from you often. You own your email list and there is money to be made from staying in touch with your audience.

Social Media: Yup, you guessed it, you must have a social media presence somewhere to build a successful online business, it’s pretty much expected these days that you ought to be able to find a company on at least Facebook or Twitter. You don’t have to be on every social network platform available, but be on at least 2-3 and do them well.

If you’re not on social media, don’t expect your online business to grow at any lengths. It is the most important place to build relationships. If you want to build a successful online business, this is absolutely crucial.

Branding: Not sure what branding is? It’s your look, your persona (are you fun, serious, a joker…) your hair cut, your clothes style. That’s what you need to think when you brand your business. Your branding must follow through from your website to your blog and all your social media platforms. Be sure your logo and timeline pictures all match, that’s building your brand. I have my logo on all my images too, i am branding them and making them mine.

Start with these 5 major places and build a successful online business that little bit quicker.