Social Media Tasks – 5 Ways to make it Simpler.

social media tasks

Social Media Tasks

Social media tasks can be time consuming, but here are 5 ways to make it simpler for you. There are only so many hours in a day and making the most of our time is crucial to growing our businesses, right? Social media platforms can make a huge positive impact on your business, yet many out there struggle with overwhelm from it.

This blog post shares 5 golden nuggets on how to best spend your time using social media for your business.

  1. Which social platforms are you going to use?

    You can’t be on them all, so figure out which social media platforms you want to be on (and find out where your audience is) Some questions to ask yourself are: Which platforms are people engaging with you the most? Where do you get the most visits to your website from?


2. Stick to a schedule or time block

Time management is my thing, i am amazing at it and I help clients manage their time better too. Time management is super important to any entrepreneur or freelancer. When you set time aside to manage your social media tasks, a lot gets done! So i regularly time block now and i work less hours because of it. Pick a days and times that you want to set aside for your social media tasks and stick to it.


Create a daily to-do list of social media tasks

Lists, lists and more lists. As if you haven’t got enough social media tasks and blogging to be getting on with right? I like lists and i like ticking them off. This week i have set aside Monday, Wednesday and Friday for my social media tasks, for scheduling mine and my clients posts. Then every day i set aside time to do the following:

  • Respond to comments
  • Comment on other peoples posts
  • Network online and engage in communities
  • Like all comments on my social media platforms

Make your time count and ENGAGE a ton!

Allocating time for building relationships SHOULD be part of your time allocated for your social media tasks. Notice above i put Network online and engage in communities? That’s what i’m talking about!

Yes it’s true, it means you actually have to talk to people 🙂 But it’s all online, so it’s super easy and can be done in your own time that suits you. See the word social? That’s why we have to engage.

I pretty much respond to every message, retweet and comment because those people are helping grow my business and getting it exposure. Yes i miss the odd one, we’re only human after all. BUT i do make time to do this, it’s so important.

Use tools to help with your social media tasks!

Ahhhhh tools, aren’t they great? So i keep it simple and use hootsuite to schedule posts. There isn’t enough time in my day (or yours) to be posting live every hour. Not to mention posting when you are sleeping to reach a bigger world wide. Let a scheduling tool do the work for you whilst you’re asleep.

Using tools will help grow your business and save you a ton of time. If you need any more recommendations, find me on Facebook Here. 

Hopefully these 5 tips will help you better manage and your daily social media tasks better in order to get the most out of your time.

Which tip/tips spoke to you the most? Let me know in the comments. Or add your own tips related to social media tasks.

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Give This Gift As A Christmas Present for a Business Owner

gift christmas small business

Give This Gift As A Christmas Present for a Business Owner

The gift of giving. I don’t know about you, but as you get older, buying for others is more exciting than receiving gifts. Now don’t get me wrong, i still like receiving gifts. But buying a gift for someone special, a family member, a good friends is exciting too. So whilst i sat here in my office, i got to thinking what would a business owner like as a gift? I know when i was a brand new business owner with little to no money for marketing or getting some training. So at Christmas i asked for business books for Christmas and nice diaries that i could plan in.

Give This Gift

Do you have a friend or family member who has a new business? Maybe they’re not quite sure what they should be doing on Facebook or social media. They may not know how to blog effectively? A one hour business consultation with me could be an amazing gift for someone in that position. How do you book it? Pop along HERE and get it booked in. Once paid for, i will contact you and you can give me your friends/family members detail and i will contact them. Or you can pop it in a card and i can talk to them after Christmas.

Give a gift this year that will make a difference to someone’s business and let them have a great start to 2017. Business is hard enough, let alone when you’re not up to date with all the social media changes. Not to mention if you don’t know about SEO and blogging the right way to make it count.

At social success with Sonya, i am dedicated to helping businesses succeed and get on the right path to success.

Book Here Today 

5 Places You Need To Be To Build A Successful Online Business.


build a successful online business

There is an incredible amount of information out there for small businesses that you could be forgiven for getting confused and getting yourself in a bit of a muddle. So i write this blog post for small businesses who want to succeed online and where you need to be showing up online. To build a successful online businesses, read these 5 crucial places you need to be and what you need to have.

5 Places You Need To Be To Build a Successful Online Business.

Website: The first and foremost is you need a website, a platform that people can land on and get to know more about you and see what it is that you sell. Your website will be the first impression people get of you, so ensure it’s clean and fresh and not just a jumble of offers. Make sure there is a section ‘About Us’ and write a genuine bio in there about who you are and what you can offer to help your industry. Don’t make it all about selling.

Blog: A definite must have after your website. Get your blog within your website if using a wordpress website or have it attached to your website like i have. whichever route you choose, it needs to be ON your website for people to easily reach. Then of course you need to actually blog Good content! Not just a bunch of facts or selling your services/products, your blogs need to be informative, not too ‘salesly’ and they need a good image or two in them to help your blog post stand out. Providing long term value to your customers will in turn provide sales, be patient.  build a successful online business

An Email List: Yes you absolutely must be building an email list and have an offer on your website and blog where people can sign up and hear from you often. You own your email list and there is money to be made from staying in touch with your audience.

Social Media: Yup, you guessed it, you must have a social media presence somewhere to build a successful online business, it’s pretty much expected these days that you ought to be able to find a company on at least Facebook or Twitter. You don’t have to be on every social network platform available, but be on at least 2-3 and do them well.

If you’re not on social media, don’t expect your online business to grow at any lengths. It is the most important place to build relationships. If you want to build a successful online business, this is absolutely crucial.

Branding: Not sure what branding is? It’s your look, your persona (are you fun, serious, a joker…) your hair cut, your clothes style. That’s what you need to think when you brand your business. Your branding must follow through from your website to your blog and all your social media platforms. Be sure your logo and timeline pictures all match, that’s building your brand. I have my logo on all my images too, i am branding them and making them mine.

Start with these 5 major places and build a successful online business that little bit quicker.