Black Friday – Are You Ready?

black friday 2017

Black Friday – Are You Ready?

Black Friday is a mere 7 weeks away and believe me when i tell you, that is going to roll around Very fast! I wanted to write a blog post to get you ready for the biggest sales day of the year – Black Friday is both exciting and slightly terrifying.

I’ll never forget my first Black Friday in my corset business, i was so excited i barely slept for 2 days. I set a goal, i hit that goal by early evening and pretty much doubled it. I had never made so much money in 24 hours. So i want to get You ready for that.

What can you do to be ready for Black Friday

Ask yourself:

Do I have enough inventory to get through the holidays?

Look at what your sales were last year and see if you have enough stock. Always expect to sell More (because that’s the point right, to grow?) If you make items, start making NOW!

Would your brand benefit from an in-person event?

Obvioulsy it depends what you sell, but for instance jewellery, could you benefit from having a stall somewhere? Definitely worth considering.

Do I need more staff to handle increased orders?

Or it could be that you could do with friends helping at school pick ups etc. I know for me, i have 2 children and that would have been a godsend on my first ever Black Friday. They were younger then, so felt i couldn’t be on my computer all day either. So some help would have gone a long way back then.

What will your offer be?

This of course is what’s important. What will your offer be and how will you let people know what it will be? Do you have an email list? Do you have social media networks that you can promote on? These are all vital.

Next month i am going to come back and help you market your Black Friday event so that you can have your best month ever. Let’s kick some butt!