Social Media Training

social media training

Social Media Training

Give your business a real boost by learning the tricks of the trade, what’s new and current in the social media world.

This training is a four part series where i will be talking with you on Skype and sharing my screen, showing real live training, logging into my very own systems to show how it’s done.

What you’ll learn in Part One:

  • An intro to social media (current version)
  • What platforms to use for your specific business
  • Where are your customers and are you there?
  • Saving hours of working by getting it right by learning this
  • When and how to post on social media and how often
  • We’ll also cover blogging

What you’ll learn in Part Two:

  • We’ll ensure your social media platforms mirror one another, including bios and graphics
  • What are the best times to post on social media and some of the best posts too
  • How often should you be trying to sell on social media
  • How to create awesome graphics for FREE

What you’ll learn in Part Three:

  • We’ll really dig into blogging here, it’s a brilliant session
  • Writing in a way that google will pick up your blog posts
  • How to use headers in blogs and naming your graphics
  • The key to fresh content and how often to blog
  • How blogging can build relationships
  • How to naturally increase your keyword search
  • Great keyword search tool

What you’ll learn in Part Four:

  • In this session we’ll talk about email lists
  • We’ll also talk about Instagram
  • Then we will hand it over to you and go over anything you need to go over.

This is a fantastic course where you get to speak to someone and actually get your questions answered. Let’s work together and see where we can take your business with a bit of guidance.

If this is too much for your business right now, then a One Hour Consultation could be better suited.

Buy this no fluff, learning only Social Media Package Today.