Social Media Nightmares and How To Avoid Them

Social Media Nightmares and How To Avoid Them

Nightmares are scary and making mistakes happen, but when you make mistakes on Social Media, the whole world seems to find out!

Here are a couple of mistakes people are making daily on social media and how you can avoid them.

  • Typo’s, spelling mistakes and grammar. Well we all make spelling mistakes when we are rushing or reading back on content too quickly whilst checking for errors before sending it out. You need to take time out and re-read your content before throwing it out there (what are the chances i publish this and there is a typo in this blog post now lol) Grammar, seriously this is my massive bug bear. People can’t get their there, they’re and their’s right and stuff like that makes my blood boil a bit. If you’re in business, you need to be getting these minor things right. If you are dyslexic or have a problem of that nature, maybe consider someone else to write your copy?

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[tweetthis]Even when you’re careful, spelling and grammar mistakes happen. Don’t sweat the small stuff, learn from your mistakes. [/tweetthis]

  • Public annoyances or awkward customers. I don’t believe there is such a thing as a customer base that is 100% satisfied, mistakes happen on the business side of things and sometimes a customer just isn’t happy. What do you do? You take a massive breath (or two) and calmly deal with this customer. They may be writing all over your social media platforms complaining and moaning, all you can do is try and calm them down and if you were in the wrong, own up to your mistake. Do NOT get into an argument with a customer, they’ll never be your customer again if you do. Try and take the conversation offline if you can or to email, where nobody else will see the grumpy customers words.

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  1. Yes, I have made lotsa typo. I am a great speller but the typing trips me up at times. I do my best and correct when I see. I avoid the over judging on this and let go of being too hard on myself. I am fantastic and refuse to allow myself harshness due to typos. And yes, I will definitely keep working on it for sure!!

  2. I’ve only had one customer take to social media with negative comments. Thank goodness all the rest have been positive! But I did just what you said–took the conversation off-line and worked through it there.
    Good advice, Sonya!

  3. I hate it when I see one of my old posts and notice a typo. It used to make me really stressed but I’ve noticed everyone makes mistakes at times so I don’t judge and I settle for doing the best I can. Great advice to take complaints out of the public forum.

  4. This is so timely! I have been really critical of people who I have hired that didn’t check their own work and then I had to make corrections for them. It really irked me. Then lately I have been “in the weeds” trying to catch up and am finding all kinds of errors because I didn’t check my work. That’s what happens when what I focus on is what I attract!

    As far as customers go, I tend to bend over backward to make it easy for a customer to be happy. When I didn’t have my website working properly, whenever a client complained they had a problem with my cart or were not able to get their product I would stress and get on my assistant to fix it. After a few times, I realized it was user error and stopped “pole jumping over mouse turds” and just asked them to find a child or grandchild to help them with their technology.

    I like blogs like this that give a little information I can relate to and use rather than so much that I can’t integrate it all into my day.

  5. Poor grammar and spelling can really be an issue and followers to a page will be quick to point out any errors! Great advice to take time to proof posts before scheduling or posting. I will admit I’ve hit the send button and then immediately noticed a problem. It’s just as important to know how to post as it is to edit and delete!

  6. Yes, as a writer, I do correct people’s typos both mentally and even in comments people make on my blogs. I have an eagle eye and cannot get passed glaring typos. I have had a couple of not so positive reviews on my book and taking a lead from Gary Vaynerchuk, I actually replied to them to find out more. It feels better than stewing and wondering the whys behind the comment. Thanks for the reminder to lighten up and not take the online world so seriously, Sonya!

  7. Sandra,

    Thanks for the great post that you shared and I do look at spelling errors on my own post. I really don’t judge someone by that it is the content. I try to use spell check, but it is not always accurate.

    Lori English

  8. Yes, I work hard to read my work back slowly, but I still do make mistakes from time to time. I am forgiving of others if it is occasional, but if I notice a pattern, then I will stop reading. Some day I hope to hire an editor.

  9. Grammar mistakes are my pet peeve, although I certainly make them! One error isn’t a big deal, but too many mistakes are unprofessional and don’t convey a good message. Taking conversations offline is smart advice!

  10. Great post, good reminders. Back in the dark ages, I learned to read something backwards and then one would be more likely to catch mistakes. I need to do this more – it works!

  11. Typos and words used incorrectly are my pet peeve as well. They stand out like a sore thumb when I am reading something. One I find used often, especially in emails is to instead of too. Spell check won’t always catch this one😊

  12. Don’t you just hate it when the grammar police take a visit? For the most part, people are well intentioned. Every now and then though, someone gets a real kick out of telling you how you messed up. It can’t be nearly as hard as the kick I give myself when I realised I made the mistake. Great post Sonya.

    • Goodness yes, they jump right on that band wagon like you’re not allowed to Ever make a mistake!

  13. Social media and blogs, at least, you can correct if you see the error (or if it’s pointed out to you). Not so much when you’re printing hard copies. It pays to hire someone to proof your copy.

    • Ahhhh yes, too true and a good idea. If i was writing a book i’d definitely send it off to be prove read.

  14. Even the best editors can miss their own typos sometimes. When you’ve been looking at your own work sometimes, it can be hard to see it. It’s always great to have a second pair of eyes.

  15. I agree that people are rushing, rushing, rushing way too much! It takes such little to time to stop and read what you have typed before hitting enter, but so many people don’t do this (or after they’ve hit enter either).

  16. Yes, nothing like reading a blog or a social media post and seeing it full of typos. Umm, hello, you are a business owner… take that extra step. I mean, we ARE all human, so some will sneak out… but as business owners, we need to be more diligent.

    • You’re spot on! We all make mistakes, but some posts you read and they are full of them. I now proof read twice and properly, no more skim reading.

  17. I try to read through my copy several times to make sure everything is correct. But, I’m even surprised that at times I’ve missed something. The best I can do is to correct it as soon as possible. As for customers, they come first and they are right even if they are wrong.

  18. Yes, I do silently correct another writer’s grammar too 🙂 Occasionally, a spelling or grammar error escapes my eyes. I have found that if I read my content aloud, I will catch the errors.

  19. I’ll admit my grammar could improve…I am a bugger for spelling errors though. I think when we are in business for ourselves we need to be extra alert to these kinds of things.

  20. True mistakes and errors happen, but that’s normal…and I believe you show to be real also in this way by embracing your mistakes and moving on. We cannot be perfect.

  21. A former boss said that he used to work at his uncles’ restaurant and no matter how wrong is the customer, the customer is always right. You cannot rant in front of that customer as it will boomerang on you and the reputation of the restaurant. That is still the reality now. Imagine the reviews you will get. If you pretty much get one negative review, that is the end of it.

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