Social Media and The Best Times to Post

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Social Media and The Best Times to Post

Social media can be a bit of a jungle when using it for business, many businesses daily are fudging it, posting randomly and without any strategy in place. I came across a post by Social Media Marketing Group and found some interesting social media posting facts.

Social Media – When should i post?

Wondering when you should be posting on social media? Check out these super interesting statistics:

Post On Facebook, the data shows as follows:

Sunday: 32% higher engagement
Thursday: 18% higher engagement
Friday: 18% higher engagement
Saturday: 32% higher engagement
9 am
1 pm: Get the most shares
3 pm: Get the most clicks
On Twitter, however, it looks a bit different:

Wednesday is the best day to tweet.

The best times are 12 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm, and 6 pm.
Posting on Wednesday and noon and between 5 and 6 pm is optimal, though to increase retweets and clickthroughs, you can also tweet right at noon and 3pm. You can safely experiment with 2-3 am, 6-7am, and 9-10 pm.

Use Pinterest? Take a look at this figures and facts:

Sunday: Best for Food
Monday: Best for Fitness
Tuesday: Best for Gadgets
Wednesday: Best for Quotes
Thursday: Best for Outfits
Friday: Best for GIFs
Saturday: Best for Travel
The best times to pin are 2 pm, 9 pm, and 2 am. Avoid Pinterest during work hours, and for best results, include a call to action, and try to match the best topics of the day.

LinkedIn then changes it up and the best days to post on there are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. The best time to post are either between 7-8am, then noon and then 5-6pm. The times when professionals aren’t sat at their desk.

The data for Instagram shows people are engaged throughout the week, however Mondays and Thursday tend to get a bit more attention.

I hope these facts and figures have given you something yo think about and maybe a new strategy is on the horizon for your business? This Blog Post on what content to post may help you too.  Let me know if these work for you.



  1. Great information. I’ve bookmarked this but will have to do a bit of calculating to cater for our time differences (I’m in Australia).

  2. Great information! I do find that Sunday is great for food and crafts on Pinterest. I find that Wednesday seems to be a great day to post about small business too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very interesting info, Sonya. My web person did an analysis of the ‘action’ on my FB business page and Facebook’s suggestion was to post after 5 pm EST, to optimize engagement. That seems a bit different than the stats you shared here. I know that I’ve read that newsletters and blog posts are best posted on Mondays. In my own experience, Sunday nights gets me he highest open and click throughs. I guess we each have to experiment and find what works for us.

  4. Interesting information. I find the 1 pm share and 3 pm click on facebook the most interesting. Wonder if the 3 pm is Moms picking kids up from school? I have not been targeting this time, and will do some testing. Thanks for posting.

  5. Very interesting statistics Sonya! This is so good to know for those who utilize Social Media for your business 🙂 Which is most lol Thank you for sharing!

  6. Timing seems to be everything. So, I really appreciate these timing guidelines. It’s a bummer when you spend so much time on a post and no one reads it. This at least increases our chances. Thanks again.

  7. Fascinating, Sonya. It’s greta to get a clue about what we are sending out. Mailchimp has its own algorithms for when to send out post, yet I always wonder if it really means anything!

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