Repurposing Old Content On Social Media

repurposing old content

Repurposing Old Content On Social Media

Repurposing old content is totally allowed on social media, it’s just about being a bit tactical about it and not showing the same posts every day. Creating content for your business and marketing is time consuming, which is why many businesses out source this to the likes of me. Creating content can not only be challenging, but also hugely time consuming and sometimes coming up with new content can seem impossible. Not everyone can create a new graphic in 2 minutes like those of us programmed to do it.

Repurposing old content is still going to attract customers and turn them into leads/clients.

How repurposing old content using social media is huge:

It’s something i do a lot for both myself and for clients and it can bring great results. Who says you can’t post a blog post you did 6 months ago on your social media networks? Who says you can’t use that graphic you created last month? You will constantly have new eyes on your business on your social media platforms, so repurposing old content is getting seen by new people.

Not to mention if you post them at different times of day, different time zones see them. My clients stretch from the UK to the USA, so my posts at 2am, get seem by my USA audience, it’s a Win Win. What is stopping you from doing the same? You’re not up at 2am? Why are you not scheduling posts like every clever entrepreneur is doing? Read this post on scheduling and why it is absolutely essential.

Repurposing old content means i am getting more organic reach too, which means FREE reach. Every business whats free reach and to spend less on marketing. I get that budgets are tight, i was once at the beginning.

One Last Tip: Create different graphics to repurpose your old content, then people won’t get bored of the same images. This is a huge and free marketing tip, so use it daily and get more reach.




  1. Sonya, this is such good advice. I’ve only recently started doing this and it is such a time saver. I usually have several pictures in each blog post, so try to choose a different one when I repurpose a post on social media.

    • I’m glad you found this useful, makes me smile 🙂 Keep up the great work.

  2. This has been a game changer for me; learning how to do easy was the biggest challenge. Love your tip about creating a new image – had not thought of that!

  3. Great tips and I have re pursed a few of my old articles and it seems to be good.This is a great article thanks for sharing,

    Lori English

    • Thanks Lori. I often pop on my website throughout the day and will tweet out old blog posts directly from my laptop. It works a treat.

  4. Great advice. We have years of old content that should be repurposed. Tips on making old blog content look new would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • You’ve got this! I hope you have already scheduled a bunch of old content?

  5. Great idea Sonya on using a different graphic when re-using content!! Not sure, I thought of doing that before but will definitely be doing it now. Paying attention to scheduling is another great one. I used to try posting just during my day time hours but I could stand to venture out a bit further with varying posting times!!

    • We’ve all been there girl! Yes i find changing up the graphics means people still click through. Scheduling keeps me sane!

  6. This makes so much sense, Sonya, especially as many of us probably feel that our posts don;t always get the attention or response they merit.

    • I hear you Reba, i have had a lot of success on Facebook with one business, but with this one not so much, have found other platforms that work.

  7. This is a good strategy, Sonya. I found a tool on App Sumo that helps to repurpose your content in several ways throughout the year. I am fortunate that I stumbled on it.

  8. Great repurposing tips here. I already do a lot of repurposing and can definitely do more. I like your idea of creating different graphics when repurposing. Great idea!

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