Market Your Business Without Being Annoying

Market Your Business Without Being Annoying

Market your business without being that annoying person who is trying to sell to you every minute of the day. We all know a few of those people right? Being a great marketer is a life skill every business needs and without it, you’re going to sink and you’ll sink fast.

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Market Your Business Without Being That Annoying Person

I just attended an event last week and i was there to network. Maybe pick up new clients if i could. However, all I did was introduce myself, let people know what i did and left it at that. Those that gave me business cards then got a follow up call from me, to then further discuss what we talked about at the networking event.

Because it really isn’t just about selling, it’s about building a network and building those all important relationships.

Let’s talk about how to market your business without selling to people all day long.

You know how you wouldn’t walk into a room and immediately start telling people to buy your product or service? It’s basically the same across your social media platforms.

So here is what i do when i network or attend events.

  • I come ready with my business cards, but don’t shove them in peoples faces.
  • I know what i am talking about, i have a one liner that quickly and precisely lets people know what i do and i do this confidently. Something along the lines of “Hi my name is Sonya, i help businesses with their social media and marketing needs”
  • As the conversation goes on, i let them know how passionate i am about social media and drop the odd tip.
  • I don’t just talk about myself, i also ask people questions, ask them what they do, do they use social media etc.
How To Network Online Successfully.

Promoting your business online is much the same. You don’t talk about yourself all day long, you encourage and inspire and use the 80/20 rule. What’s the 80/20? You sell or promote yourself only 20% of the time, the rest is giving helpful tips, showing people results, posting a few blog links to help people in a specific area.

There is a ton of content you can use for the 80%, you just have to create it or hire a VA to create it. I see all too often on Twitter that all businesses are doing are retweeting other peoples content and actually have none of their own. That won’t build relationships or credibility. You’re basically flogging a dead horse and should probably go and get a full time job.

So here is what you need to go and do:

Create a bunch of new content for your social media platforms. Write some new blog posts (don’t make them all about you) and follow the 80/20 rule. Market your business this way and watch is change. I wonder if you’ll see different results within a couple of weeks of following this? Let me know.

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  1. I can totally relate. It can be annoying if one chatters none stop about his business. One should give the other person a breather. People will talk to you more if you sound like you are naturally interested with them, too. Building relationship is going to be the key.

  2. I agree when it comes to selling its important to let the other person talk and get to knkw them a little bit instead of trying to sell your product. Then it comes of as rude and as yiu are using the people.

  3. Wow fantastic fountain of knowledge you’ve given us. It can be tricky to manage your business including marketing it without seeming too intense in the process.

  4. Great tips! Promoting myself has been such a huge step for me as it’s a whole new world out there with blogging! Thank you for sharing!

  5. This is why it’s nice to attend conventions and events about business! You learn so much! These are really nice tips. I like the idea of 80/20 it’s effective!

  6. It’s so much better when you can market your business without having to force people to look at what you offer. These are great tips!

  7. Sonya,
    Great article enjoyed and always follow the 80/20 rule it seems to be the magic number,but I feel that building great relationships and offering content, too.


    Lori English

  8. That’s funny, I tend to err on the other side. I create tons of challenge Brent then never ask for the sale. Something I’m working on doing more of starting now!!

  9. I see this mostly with those involved in Network Marketing and I find talking to people who are ramped up by their upline exhausting. At a Jeff Walker event there were two ideas I took away about marketing. One was a man shared that he collects cards rather than giving his out. When he is home he sends a short message to the people on the card with either a free gift on a landing page or he adds them to his list and sends a message with a clear place to unsubscribe. The other was a man who wore a t-shirt “Sex Geek.” That was his business and those who were interested came up to him and asked about it. Both creative.

  10. There is nothing more annoying than having someone constantly try to sell to you, whether it be in person or online. The 80/20 rule is such a good one to remember.

    • It’s awful isn’t it! So boring and gives you even more reason Not to buy from them.

  11. Excellent tip and glad you are going about it the right way. Too often folks even regurgitate the same elevator speech each time too… ummm, we’ve heard this same one for a year… try to mix it up or like you did… offer tips to make them think.

    Networking and business… it’s all about the relationship… the sales will follow.

    • Exactly right Kristen. I love networking and meeting awesome new people and along the way some become clients and some don’t. But i still got to meet a bunch of awesome people.

  12. For me as well, the key is to listen to the other person’s need and then if appropriate, to suggest or offer something you have or do that might fill it. I love starting conversations with people and am curious about others and their lives. That alone makes a big difference when you are wanting to engage with people and let them know you care about who they are. Believe in the 80/20 rule as wellโ€ฆ

  13. this was great information Sonya. As I am growing my Twitter following these last few weeks I have noticed many that rarely post their own content.. only retweeting others. I wondered how they expected people to be interested in their business if they dont mention it ever?? On the other hand, if all I see is sales tweets, I am just as turned off. A good mix of tips, fun, inspirational and more really helps draw in potential clients.

  14. Hi Sonya,

    I can totally relate to this as well. So many people online have NO clue when it comes to marketing their business. Going to events like you do and networking like you said, will work, because you are not pushy and not “selling”, you are simply networking and building those important relationships.

    Awesome tips on how to market your business the “RIGHT” way! Great share!!!

  15. Excellent advice, Sonya. I see so much “buy buy buy” marketing on social media. Clearly, these people are missing what “social” means. Re one-liner: One of the constructs that works really well for me is to fill out this sentence: “I help ____ so that they may _____.” That helps pinpoint your ideal client and tells them specifically how you can help them.

  16. I was recently contacted by a dear friend from college. Distance and life happenings meant that we hadn’t had a great conversation for several years. I was so excited…. And then the “well, I’ve started selling this new skincare product and if you buy it from me I can earn a Mercedes” happened. The only reason she reached out was to sell to me. I was so disappointed. I probably would have made a purchase had she rekindled the relationship and later brought it up. Oh well. Rant over…

    Love the new look of your blog, btw. It’s really nice!

  17. I just found out that I’ve been guilty of not providing enough original content to Twitter. Very good point and I will start redeeming myself. Very good advice, Sonya.

  18. Yes yes yes yes 1000times YES. This is how to build community and connection, Sonya. I love the 80/20 rule and your recommendations are wise. When I attend networking events and create connections, I always follow up to provide more value such as a link to an article on a topic we discussed. The saying people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care rings true!

  19. Your suggestions for online network are sound. The hard part is to keep up with all the social media rules, but when it is about creating relationships, it is much better.

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