How to blog and not just throw content out there.

how to blog

How to blog and not just throw content out there.

How to blog – do you know how? So i i recently came across a post in a group i belong to on Facebook for people in business and someone was asking for help with blogging. So i reached out of course. But then i started reading all the comments on this post and all the ‘just do it yourself’ and ‘just sit and write’ replies. Seriously, it got me a little upset. Blogging is not just journaling, there are structures that need to be followed, looking at templates that are readable and so much more. Not to mention SEO, tags and headings etc. Learning how to blog is not an overnight thing. Blogging is certainly not typing out an email and just sending it out.

How to blog – the basics.

So i have been blogging for years and i love it. I have blogged from anything in the fashion industry to plastic bags. I currently blog for this company and yes i now know a lot about plastic bags now! But blogging is not just about writing and i had to learn how to blog effectively.

Firstly, i have always used WordPress, it is google friendly and almost every blog i see ranked on Google is a wordpress blog. WordPress provides great plug ins and has some great templates too. Secondly, do a little SEO training, spend time reading up on it or with someone who really knows their stuff. I have had Skype calls with Kristen Wilson, she has been invaluable in helping me in the unknown world of SEO. Oh and learn about heading tags too, they make a difference.

Then you’ll need to learn about tagging your graphics that go into the blog post and how to weave your key words into the post without keyword stacking.

These are truly just the basics on how to blog, there is more to learn. This is why people hire me to blog for them. I enjoy it, i know how to write and most importantly, i know how to blog the Right Way!

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    • I know right. i read blogs with no images, no heading, lacking any life at all really. Let alone zero SEO in mind when they wrote it.

  1. True it is a job in itself to blog, and you need to read up on things constantly. Still I need to learn much more about SEO, but generally I feel I am becoming better at blogging for every month.

  2. I think to blog effectively, you really need to be consistent and stay on target with topics that your “ideal client” will resonate with. It takes time to build a following, but it will happen if you’re consistent and get these basics down that you mention. I’m sure there’s a lot more to it, like for one, getting people on your email list to actually comment! LOL

  3. Sometimes I wish it was as easy as typing out an email and sending it. Just to find the perfect image, resize it, watermark it, rename name it, upload it – what a process! You have to be dedicated. I’m pretty sure I’m still not using keywords effectively. It’s a constant learning curve.

    • But it is worth it and i always get a sense of achievement when i see all those green lights and i know i am posting out a blog of real value.

  4. Awwww, thanks so much for the shout out… I truly appreciate it and glad that you are doing so well. As far as the blog, the SEO components are so helpful when writing content.

  5. Kristen is so good at what she does and I admire her work. I love your writing style and I am sure many will want you to blog for them too.

    • I can only hope and keep showing people that i know what i am doing.

  6. Because the world has become so visual, the words in many ways, have become secondary to the graphics and the tagging and the SEO etc. As a writer, I agree that ‘just throwing content out there’ make little sense in an online world that is already crowded with content. If you want to build a tribe, the key is to write from an authentic and interesting perspective that speaks to readers. Thanks for the reminder, Sonya!

  7. Blogging is a great way to refine your writing skills. Depending on your theme you can write about many different topics or you can narrow a theme down and write a series of sub-topics.Your choice, but you still want to write so you have an audience who wants to read it as well.

  8. I’ve been blogging for about 5 years. I learn new things every month! I can DEFINITELY improve my SEO. Some things I know and others I don’t. I need to definitely learn more about this and continue improving my blog. I feel like I’m finally getting into the groove with content that speaks to my clients.

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