5 Headline Ideas For Your Business


5 Killer Headline Ideas

Headline ideas for blog posts and newsletters. Let’s nail this. Headlines in business are as important as drinking enough water every day. If your headlines suck, then people won’t be reading your blogs, google won’t be picking up your blog posts, people just won’t be reading your stuff, full stop.

Headline ideas aren’t always easy to come by, especially when your imagination isn’t flowing. Take a look at all the popular magazines out there, they have a specialist team that comes up with their headline ideas, because they want people picking up their magazines and buying them. Why do people buy them? Mostly because the title has grabbed them whilst standing in a queue somewhere.headline ideas

Your headline ideas will come from these:

The Transactional Headline: This headline is making your audience a promise. Here’s an example ~ Give me 60 minutes of your time and i’ll change your way of thinking about food. You’re promising something big there.

The Reason Why Headline: Robert Cialdini research showed that simply adding the word “because” to a request makes it more likely you’ll get what you’re asking for. Use the power of the “reason why” in your headlines. Here is an example ~ 5 Reasons Your Blog Posts Aren’t Getting Read.

The How To Headline: This headline speaks for itself. Here are a couple of examples ~  How To Write Killer Blog Posts. How To Make Your Flowers Grow For Longer. People love these kind of titles, it’s the most used, but be careful not to overload. Notice I used it on this blog post too.

The If Then Headline: These are headlines along the lines of ‘If you can do this, you can do that.’ Example ~ If you can bake a cake, you can decorate one too, here’s how’

Finally, The Probing Question Headline: These can really relate to your audience, examples ~ Don’t you hate it when your cat does this? or Do you wish more people opened your emails?

You will write many a bad headline before you start writing better ones. We all do it, i know i can do better and i know i need to print this blog post off and have it on my wall in my office to remind me! You should do the same. Don’t forget, you can use all these headline ideas for your email list too.

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  1. These are really helpful ideas for writing interesting headlines, Sonya. I use the how to one a lot for my crafts posts. Good to remember these ideas are also good for emails.

  2. Thanks for the headline ideas, Sonya. I find I intuitively find a title or headline and then I do a check to see how it ranks and then go from there. I’ve done a couple of list kind of headlines, similar to what you used for this blog, and for my style of writing, I find the more intuitive style suits how I write. I’ll definitely keep these other possibilities in mind for future pieces.

  3. Great article! I find this to be very true, and do struggle with this. Your article was very helpful and well written.

  4. Sonya,
    This was a great article and wrote down a lot of notes and bookmarked it for my next use of headline ideas. Thanks for the great tips that are helpful to all of us.

    Lori English

  5. Super tips… all of them are worth a go, because you never know what your target market likes best so it’s best to try them all.. and see which convert better… great job!

  6. Very good headline suggestions, Sonya. I’m always challenged to make sure I get my keyword in and make sure at the same time the title creates attention and curiosity.

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