How To Grow Your Twitter Followers

How To Grow Your Twitter Followers

Here you’ll read some simple steps on how to grow your twitter followers. Let me just say it straight right off the back, you will Not read here about buying followers, to grow your twitter followers you have to put the work in.

Let’s start with your twitter profile:

So, how is your profile picture looking? Is it catching peoples attentions? This will be peoples first impression and can easily determine whether they’ll hit the follow button. Once you’ve chosen your profile picture, make sure it’s the right size for twitter and make sure it’s a good quality photo, not blurry.

Next: Are you using hashtags in your posts? Most people forget, i am guilty of that too. Don’t use too many, but do use 2-3 good ones per post. Switch them up a little too, don’t use the same ones every time.

Make sure your tweets are readable. What do i mean? Here is an example of one of my tweets: Read here how to avoid these common social media mistakes #socialmedia #businesses

Here is how it would look if it was unreadable:  Read here how to avoid these common #socialmedia mistakes in #business

Some More Tips on How To Grow Your Twitter Followers:

Don’t use hashtags throughout the post, use them at the end to make it readable.

Do not just post links to your blogs and products, you need to create relationships with your audience, post awesome graphics that are the right size for twitter that will grab peoples attentions. Don’t forget to say good morning, good evening, have a great weekend, all the usual day to day stuff. Don’t Be Boring!

grow your twitter followers

Grow Your Twitter Followers ~ Start Today.

Last but not least, don’t forget to ask for the odd retweet and i do mean the Odd retweet. It can’t be more than a couple of times a day, otherwise you’re just begging and that is uncool.

How Can I Help?

I have helped clients grow their twitter followers by using my own strategy, NO not by buying followers, i’ll leave that for the cheapies out there. I target my clients niche and grow their twitter followers. If you are interested in this, Contact Me Here and let’s see what i can do you and your business to grow your twitter followers.

Have an amazing day ~ Sonya


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  1. Great tips Sonya! I must say that I am guilty of the hashtag stuffing. Sometimes I get caught up using so many of them but thanks for your tips. I will heed to them.

  2. Good tips. I have to admit I have used hastags within the post, so I need to change that and put them at the end. Thanks for the information!

  3. Great tips! I never quite know how to use hashtags on Twitter so that part was especially helpful for me! Looking forwards to more!

  4. Thanks for the reminder about hashtags. Do you have some advice on the best way to use them? I use #SpokanePsychicMedium but wonder if I should use something more plain like #PsychicMedium or #Intuition. Also I have a book that I am promoting and wonder if I should use the book title.

  5. thanks Sonya. I appreciate the tips on Twitter. I still get confused on how to utilize this great tool. Do love the inspirational quotes and use them frequently

  6. I love Twitter–and don’t be boring is spot on. Talk to me about lots of things, not just your business. mix it up with some fun stuff, witty observations, etc. It’s certainly the liveliest of platforms.

  7. Super tips Sonya and look forward to speaking with you soon to help with your SEO for the blogs. I agree that Twitter has so much value but we aren’t utilizing it as much as we could or should. Thanks for sharing this info

    • I think we have all been guilty of not utilising is enough.

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