Give These Things Up To Be Happy

Give These Things Up To Be Happy

To be happy I strongly believe you need a healthy approach to stress, anxiety and a general good mindset. Mindset is how you approach the crap that life throws at you sometimes. Giving up the things below will start you on a journey to more happiness. ‘To be Happy’ is a wonderful thing. to be happy

  1. You Don’t Always Have To Right – argh enough already! You don’t always need the last word and you aren’t always right. End of discussion!
  2. Stop Blaming Others – It’s easy to blame others isn’t it. Well just stop – take the blame when you’re wrong.
  3. Are You a Control Freak? Yep – STOP! Let life lead the way sometimes and stop trying to control what others are doing. It’s THEIR life.
  4. To be happy – give up the Negative Self Talk. You are worthy and you deserve to be happy.
  5. Give up Complaining – My god you’re probably boring people half to death with constantly moaning. Trust me, I have walked away from people that could have been great friends, but their constant whining made me take some huge steps back.
  6. Do you Criticise? STOP! You have no right to criticise just because people choose to do things differently from you. What makes you think you’re so perfect anyway?
  7. Stop Trying to Impress – Life isn’t a competition, true friends don’t care that you have the biggest house, the latest Mercedes or earn £10K a month. Be humble with what you have and enjoy life around you. Money does not buy happiness, let me tell you that from experience.

To Be Happy…

To be happy is to smile, enjoy your home, your friends, your family. Complaining, criticising, showing off? None of these things make us OR others happy – so how about just stopping? You can completely change your life around by changing your mindset. Try it.

This is a different kind of blog post for me, but one I felt compelled to write after some experiences I have been through over the last few years. Money and material things do not make a person happy and do not make other people happy. True happiness comes from within.

~ Sonya – Social Success


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