Generate Sales By Blogging

Generate Sales By Blogging

Generate sales, it’s basically why we’re predominantly in business right? To generate sales. Naturally you’ll want to be in business to help people too, otherwise you’re just going to sound greedy. For me, i am in business to help other businesses grow. I help businesses grow through social media, marketing and blogging. I also help businesses generate more sales by creating awesome content for their social media platforms and blog posts.

But how do i generate sales through blogging?

generate sales from blogging

Generate sales by writing about what you love.

Your first objective when blogging, is to help people. It should be at the forefront of your mind, not the fact that you want people to buy from you. My blog posts are written to help people, not predominantly make sales. That comes second. Yes i got into this business to generate sales and an income, but i want to help people too. Here are some basic steps to ensure you are blogging the most effectively:

  • You should be using WordPress as your platform. WordPress and Google work well together and WordPress has some great plug ins for SEO.
  • Ensure your tag lines are set up and your keywords are in the correct place. Need help? Contact Me.
  • Blog regularly (once a week) and use your keywords in the right places.
  • Use the Yoast plug in and leant how to use it.
  • Share all these great new blog posts on your social media platforms. Twitter is great for this and it is all free traffic to your site.
  • Don’t forget to share old blog posts too, don’t just write a blog, share it once and then forget about it.

Blogging is by far one of my most favourite things to do for clients. I can get totally lost in it and spend 2-3 hours happily blogging. If you’re not blogging effectively and using SEO, then you are wasting your valuable time.

How Can i Help?

You may want to outsource blogging or you may want a one hour consultation with me, i can show how to do it and then you can blog regularly. Contact me to find out more.



  1. Very informative. The re-sharing old posts is something I have never done, thank you so much for that tip! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tips. I’m using WordPress but definitely have more to learn about SEO and keywords. It’s all a learning curve.

  3. The sharing is what kills me! I swear I spend 75% of the time in share groups and only 25% of the time writing posts.

  4. These are such a useful tips! I try to blog twice a week but I should definitelly learn more about SEO snd keywords.

    • Yes for sure!! If you need any help, let me know and we can talk. If your blogs aren’t SEO optimised, you’re wasting time blogging.

    • Same, i love it, it helps me keep in track and make sure my blogs don’t go out unless they meet all the yoast standards

  5. I use WordPress and yoast and it has been real great for bringing in my traffic as well. Really great tips!

  6. Blogging is perfect for businesses who are looking for more profit. There’s no doubt that interacting with customers will give them a better view of your products!

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