1. So true about the importance of following up on social media and emails. It makes customers feel valued, which is just about what everyone wants, isn’t it?

  2. Sonya, good advice. Especially as Facebook is not reaching everyone who follows you. We need to be more inventive and have different ways to reach our audience. Following up on comments is an easy way to reach out.

  3. Follow up IS the secret sauce, Sonya. I need to get better at this. The way you’ve outlined the quick and easy ways to do so help me with ideas on how I can improve my sales. The abandoned carts is one I have never used …until today!

    I recently read the book The 5 Second Rule and that has helped me have the courage to take action and follow up. I’ll use your ideas too. Thanks.

  4. I’ve been saying that “the money is in the follow up for year. A client who feels appreciated by you will continue to do business with you and also refer other people to you. I, too, have made lots of money simply by following up.

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