Why Facebook Likes Are Still Important Today.

Want to know why Facebook Likes Are Even More Important now?

Then let me tell you why. Facebook likes are still so important for several reasons. Let’s paint a picture: Everyone wants to be liked right? I don’t know about you, but my mum used to tell me when i was a kid that being popular wasn’t important and in every day life that might be quite true. But in the Facebook world you want to be popular right? We want fan page likes and people liking the content on our page all the time.

So What Happens When Someone Likes Your Fan Page?  

why Facebook likes are still important

Why Facebook Likes Are Still Important

They became a fan ~ Yay! But it’s more than that, they also get to see your content and share it with their friends, which gets more eyes on your posts… For Free! Are you seeing why Facebook likes are still ¬†important? Every Like on Facebook has a purpose and it gets us more exposure.

Back in the day, just about everyone who liked your fan page saw what you posted, it came up in their newsfeed and many people Liked, Shared or Commented. These days it’s not so easy i’m afraid. With tons of fan pages across the world, Facebook has dramatically decreased how often they share your posts on your fans newsfeed, which has had many business owners in a rage.

Facebook Likes Are Still Important, So What Can You Do To Increase Numbers?

So your page is barely getting seen? Page likes and post likes are down? Yeah i hear ya loud and clear! Take a look at your page and see how often you’re posting. Are you posting enough? Daily at least? You MUST be posting daily if you want any kind of reach. Then the other end of the spectrum. Are you posting too much? Posting every hour but people aren’t seeing your posts? Then maybe try decreasing the number you post. Ensure your images are good, the size that works for Facebook (Canva is a great tool for designing images and getting the right size images for each social media platform) Facebook likes are still important in a sensational way and we need to learn how to optimise what we’ve got and get more Likes if we can.

Facebook Pay to Play.  

Example Of Boosting Your Posts To Your Fans.

Example Of Boosting Your Posts To Your Fans.

Time for the bad news. If you want Facebook to show your fans more of your page, you may have to pay to play so to speak. Facebook (as any business would) want to make money and want you to pay them for them to show more posts. They want you to pay to Boost your posts and get seen more. I predict that Facebook will expect us all to pay if we want our posts to be shown, or we will end up in Zero newsfeeds.

Tip On Boosted Posts.

If you’re boosting a post, boost to your fans first. They Liked your page for a reason and they are likely either missing your posts or have forgotten that you exist, so by boosting to that audience, you are showing them you are still around. Growing our Facebook likes is still important, but don’t forget about fans who liked your page ages ago.

Good luck in your business and we are here to help with your Social Media and Marketing Needs when the time is right for you.


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