Content Marketing Trends

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Content Marketing Trends

Content marketing trends that have been trending through 2016 and don’t appear to be changing. As we approach the end of 2016, content marketing is as competitive as ever and you’re just going to have to get even better at it in 2017 or hire someone to help you. Here are some the trends that have made people a ton of money this year and can be taken into 2017 to help You make a bunch of money too:

  1. Quality over quantity ALWAYS

With newsfeeds being as chaotic as ever and free reach on Facebook being almost non existent compared to say 4 years ago, competition is certainly growing. Pretty much anyone can create a meme these days, but it’s all about the Quality of that meme. A true content marketer spends time on their graphics and creates beautiful pieces that are eye catching and what their audience wants to see. Instead of just throwing any old content out there, spend time creating GOOD content. People want to see new things.

2. Video Marketing

Video marketing has taken over 2016 and it will continue to grow. I must admit, i have not been very active in any form of video marketing and i know i need to get so much better at it. It will be one of my goals in 2017 to do at least one video a week. How often do you do a Facebook live or jump on periscope? Will it be one of your 2017 goals?

3. Instagram is Rising

Business owners are finding Instagram is a great way to get eyes on your content, i for one have found it is working a treat. I create great graphics for IG, post 2-3 times a day and every post has real value. People are interested, they are interacting. It’s fabulous. It’s one of my favourite places to hang out with my clients. One of my biggest tips on using Instagram, ensure you are using the correct size graphics and make them pop. If you’re no good at creating graphics or they take you hours a week, consider outsourcing this task whilst you concentrate on the rest of your business. You’ll soon find you’re making your money by making this small investment.

4. Storytelling – Keeping content marketing real

People like to talk, people also like real people and will relate to businesses who keep it real. Tell a story every now and then whilst posting on social media, let people see there is a real person behind your business. Not someone who is just trying to sell to them every chance they get.

Let’s make 2017 fabulous

These marketing trends are going nowhere fast and will only get even more competitive as the years go on. So sit down, plan what content you want to share next year, decide what your message is. Don’t forget to make a great graphic for all those fantastic blog posts you’re going to write and all those posts on social media that you’re going to share. Don’t be afraid of new things. When we step out of our comfort zones, great things happen. I know video marketing is where it will begin to happen for me, i just need to get ready and get it done, no excuses! It’s so easy to tell yourself you can’t, or maybe next week… STOP! Make 2017 happen for you.

You got into business because you didn’t want the 9-5, you didn’t want the commute and you wanted to be your own boss. I wanted financial freedom and to be there for the kids, do the school runs daily. So let’s do this, let’s make 2017 amazing. Get out your diary and start making notes on the things you’re going to do to make 2017 a much better year for you and your business.



  1. Great post. Content marketing is so important and I still need to learn a lot. Thanks for the suggestions. Will have to work on my goals for 2017

    • I love sitting down and writing out my goals and how i will achieve them. If you’d like to work together and get a strategy in place, please feel feel to contact me.

    • Happy to book a one hour consultation if you’d like to start 2017 with a full knowledge of how to best use social media.

  2. Great list! I’ve been focusing mostly on quality posts, but need to really amp up my photos and get better at editing them as well. I’m really kind of scared to do videos, but I will at least now put some thought into it. Thanks for the info.

  3. I love the quality over quantity point. I hear so much about uploading daily but I couldn’t write good content consistently if I did that.

  4. This is so true! everything you said about how it isnt what it use to be 4 years ago. seriously I see it all the time. just about anyone can download an app that does most of the work for them. take a pic and use the app to make it more appealing them post it out like its their original content. its the same all over with everything. professional photographers – now Anyone can buy high tech cameras and call themselves photographers. authors – self publishing and free story platforms like wattpad make it so anyone that can type is now an author. there’s plus sides and down sides to all of it. opportunity wise i guess it just means you either up your game or be content with whats happening

  5. Thank you for posting this. Yup! I feel 2017 as the year to make things happen.

  6. Excellent post! I totally agree with you that when it comes to content marketing, content is the king! Thanks for sharing the valuable information!

  7. We have to learn to ride with the trends if we want to keep floating. Content will always be the top priority but it’s important to think about what you put out there. This is such an informative post.

  8. There are so many valid points here and so many areas that I am so behind in. I love to write however I also need to get that yearning to learn about the methods that will bring more readers.

  9. I will always agree on #1. Also, IG is really becoming a big thing since people are visually attracted.

  10. Your blog is very helpful to us.. Great job and tis.. We still need to learn a lot.. Thanks for sharing your experience..

  11. Greetings! Very helpful advice in this particular article!
    It is the little changes that will make the most significant changes.
    Many thanks for sharing!

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