Content Marketing Distributing Tips You Can Take On Straight Away

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Content Marketing Distribution Tips You Can Can Start Implementing Straight Away

Content marketing is a key point of any business in this day and age. Just about any business knows that and if you don’t, you need to get up to speed and quickly.

Let me give you a little example about content distribution. Last week I talked about blogging regularly. So you’ve spent the last week perfecting your latest blog post, finally post it and then what? How do you distribute it after that?

Content Marketing ~ How best to distribute your content.

Personally for my business, i have found that posting my blog posts on Twitter has really helped generate more traffic. At social success with Sonya, we don’t just post the new blogs, we post the old ones too, because they are blog posts of value to my audience. I do post them on Facebook too, but i find they get more interaction on Twitter. How do you distribute your blog posts?

A big mistake that businesses make, is spending 99% of their time crafting their content, and 1% of their time focused on content distribution. It’s not just about writing great content and creating pretty graphics, it’s about getting it out there for people to see too.

Another key point in content marketing and how to distribute it: NEVER rely on just one stream of distribution. Use various social media platforms effectively, use your email list and any other way you can think of. Consistent content marketing is absolutely essential in small and large businesses. Don’t get slack, get creating and get your content out there.

Quick Content and Marketing Checklist:
  • Blog weekly and then deliver that blog post via social media platforms regularly and potentially through your email list too.
  • Always deliver the goods, if you say you’re going to do something, then do it.
  • Design great graphics for your posts, blog and non blog posts too.
  • Create different graphics to use on Twitter, even for the same blog post, it will catch more peoples attention.
  • Spend more time disturbing your content, not just creating it.

Guess what i am off to do right now? Go and create more graphics for my blog posts and schedule some on my Twitter profile.

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  1. I also post often on Twitter my content and find it to really help with engagement of those interested in social media for business, my ideal target.

    Great points. Thanks for it Sonya!

  2. Hi Sonya,

    Great tip on posting blog posts on twitter!! I always posts my blog posts to twitter when I initially publish them and will publish older posts. I too agree that I tend to get more traction on twitter than facebook. Now I just need to get back into blogging on a more regular basis and getting more streamlined with posting my blogs to twitter.

    • I am always repurposing mine on Twitter. A great way to drive traffic.

  3. Thanks for this tip about posting blogs to twitter. I spend 99% of my time using FB and not the other platforms. I also like to re-purpose previously created work so that it goes out to more people!

    • I find Twitter drives great traffic when posting blog links with a good graphic.

  4. Oh, you hit the nail on the head! We spend so much time on creating, we forget the most important part. Great article!

  5. GREAT advice! I have been spending more time with these twitter graphics and being more intentional with HOW I share it!

  6. Content distribution is often overlooked by business owners. It surprises me how little people post on Twitter when research supports that tweeting often gets the best results in terms of traffic and visibility. I’m still working on blogging more regularly, but at least I have set up my Twitter feed to re-purpose my older content. Like you mentioned, I mixed up the blog graphics for variety. Great tips!

  7. Hi Sonya, I share my blogs on twitter through the co-schedule app and I love it! I schedule through there and on PostPlanner. I’m working on posting more frequently on Twitter.

  8. A great reminder Sonya. I am good about getting my post on twitter and Facebook but sometimes fall short with other social options. Will be more diligent from now on

  9. How true! It’s easy to live in a fairytale land where we just create amazing content and then the world flocks in to see it 🙂 But no – ya gotta TELL people it exists,and to get the word out, it’s up to US to do the telling!
    I too have much higher traffic from Twitter than anything I get from FB; it’s just such a lovely place to build your audience.

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