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Content creation and management for social media, do you struggle with it? I know lot of people do struggle with what to post on social media and often spend hours and hours on this per week. But then you come across someone like me who can do that leg work for you and create content for your platforms whilst you concentrate on other things.

It’s important to post regularly on your social media platforms, so content creation and management are key. I have a bunch evergreen content on stand by that i can grab at any point for my business. Do you have a similar system or something like this in place?

You must post things that are engaging, things that people will want to respond to, comment on, share or Like. If you’re not doing this, then you’re not building relationships with your audience, which is key! Don’t forget, you’ll need to be popping in several times a day at least to answer people too.

Content Creation and Management and What I Can Offer.

I’m not pushing you to buy from me, but i just want you to know that these options are out there should you need them in the future. My first package is a £99 package and you can read more about it HERE. 

Then there is the bigger package (click on the image for full details) where i will provide a massive 55 pieces of content for you to use any time of year and that you can re-use when you need to.  We can tailor this to your preferred social media platform, whether it be Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I am currently working on content creation for a company in the USA who want 75 pieces of content.

content creation and management and package

See What You’ll Get With This Content Creation Package Here.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, it means you are concentrating on something else and need to out source the kind of stuff that can be time consuming or maybe your business growing and it is time to out source a little now?

It’s a pretty good feeling when you to source and lighten that load. I know from experience experience from owning a retail online store, things got manic and i found an awesome VA (virtual assistant) to help me.

So if you need help, reach out, i won’t bite 🙂


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  1. Content creation is probably the most time-consuming part of marketing. Having someone to do it for you will really help busy entrepreneurs.

  2. That’s a great offer Sonya. Content creation can take a very long time if you don’t have a system. It’s best to have someone do it for you so you can focus on the things you really enjoy doing.

  3. Agreed. You are great at getting to the point. Best way of knowing what to write is to ask the readership what they want. I love asking for assistance. For the most part others love to interact, especially when it deals with what is important to them.

  4. Three very good options to think about here. Two different packages and a virtual assistant suggestion that sounds like it worked out well! Good to hear a successful result.

  5. Asking for help is key. It can get overwhelming doing everything yourself. Content creation is KEY to continuing to engage your audience.

  6. I dug deep into what you offer in your packages and I can see how helpful this is for those who are just beginning to build their business. Thanks for all the great information!

  7. This is the first thing I learned in the internet boot camp I had some years back. Know how to outsource as it takes a village to do everything. It gives one more privilege to have free time. Who doesn’t want that?

  8. Content creation really does matter because by the time a client has made the decision to do business with you, it’s not the sales page that creates that event. It’s the content they consumed before that.

  9. I finally feel like I have a handle on this. The ideas seem to flow. My biggest issue is the time to generate the content and post it. Social media feels like a full time job sometimes

  10. Great article, and I am learning about content creation, and recycling that content. Need a system, but takes time to get that system going.

  11. So true! Brings a big smile to my face when I know I have great content ready to go that I didn’t have to take hours to create myself. This is one thing I highly recommend people outsource.

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