Visual Content Your Audience Will Devour

visual content

Visual Content Your Audience Will Devour

Visual content, the piece of the pie that so many businesses are missing. You want visual content that your audience will devour right? Of course you do! It’s an essential part of marketing and by essential, i really mean essential, as in imperative. Don’t go slacking on your visuals.

So what’s the secret sauce to great visual content?

Here are some of my best tips on how to get your visuals up to scratch. You want your visual content to be better than your competitors right? I thought so. There is no magic formula as such, but here is what people are doing and it’s working! So here goes:

  1. Be Original! Dang it, everyone is out there posting the same things, we’ve all done it and sometimes on a rushed day when i haven’t managed my time properly, i do it. BUT in general, my content is original, it’s my own and i create it. So i know nobody has that exact same graphic kicking around with the exact same text. I buy my graphics, then put my own words on it in my own style. How often can you say you do that?
  2. Plan Your Content: Yes, as i said, when time hasn’t been on my side or when i have managed my time poorly, i post what i have to hand. But when i am managing my time properly, i schedule and plan my content, which thankfully is most of the time.
  3. Keep It Relevant: You want to keep your posts relevant to your target audience. If you’re a florist, you’re hardly going to post about football, it’s just common sense. So keep it relevant folks and study your audience. Easy to do via Facebook Insights.
  4. Be Consistent: Don’t just post when you remember, sit down and write a plan of when you intend to post. Then set up a hootesuite account and schedule your posts. I schedule up to 2-3 days in advance. Not only do i know that people will be regularly seeing my posts, it takes the stress away.

Visual Content Ideas:

Not sure what to post? Here are some ideas that will help you keep it relevant and consistent:

Motivational Quotes
Hints, Tips and Tricks
Funny Photos/Images/Videos
Visuals that evoke emotion

Now go and create some amazing content and if it’s all too much, Contact Me Here and let’s discuss how i can help your business grow through visual content.


Social Media and The Best Times to Post

social media posting

Social Media and The Best Times to Post

Social media can be a bit of a jungle when using it for business, many businesses daily are fudging it, posting randomly and without any strategy in place. I came across a post by Social Media Marketing Group and found some interesting social media posting facts.

Social Media – When should i post?

Wondering when you should be posting on social media? Check out these super interesting statistics:

Post On Facebook, the data shows as follows:

Sunday: 32% higher engagement
Thursday: 18% higher engagement
Friday: 18% higher engagement
Saturday: 32% higher engagement
9 am
1 pm: Get the most shares
3 pm: Get the most clicks
On Twitter, however, it looks a bit different:

Wednesday is the best day to tweet.

The best times are 12 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm, and 6 pm.
Posting on Wednesday and noon and between 5 and 6 pm is optimal, though to increase retweets and clickthroughs, you can also tweet right at noon and 3pm. You can safely experiment with 2-3 am, 6-7am, and 9-10 pm.

Use Pinterest? Take a look at this figures and facts:

Sunday: Best for Food
Monday: Best for Fitness
Tuesday: Best for Gadgets
Wednesday: Best for Quotes
Thursday: Best for Outfits
Friday: Best for GIFs
Saturday: Best for Travel
The best times to pin are 2 pm, 9 pm, and 2 am. Avoid Pinterest during work hours, and for best results, include a call to action, and try to match the best topics of the day.

LinkedIn then changes it up and the best days to post on there are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. The best time to post are either between 7-8am, then noon and then 5-6pm. The times when professionals aren’t sat at their desk.

The data for Instagram shows people are engaged throughout the week, however Mondays and Thursday tend to get a bit more attention.

I hope these facts and figures have given you something yo think about and maybe a new strategy is on the horizon for your business? This Blog Post on what content to post may help you too.  Let me know if these work for you.

Social Selling doesn’t have to be hard, just follow this rule.

social selling

Social selling doesn’t have to be a chore.

Social selling, it’s hard right? I get that, truly i do. In busy market places like Facebook and Twitter, we need to be on the ball and on it daily to be winning. Here’s the thing though, these things take time to master and grow, you will not have overnight success on social media. Social media is a place where you interact, build relationships and here’s the secret sauce: People buy from those who they know, like and trust. It’s that simple.

So how do you get better at social selling?

Firstly, you’ll need to be on there daily, several times a day in fact. Then you’ll need to be posting content that people can connect with. Not just selling your stuff, but being a real person. People like to get to know others. This can take quite some time, so get on it Now! One more thing… You need to be yourself! Don’t try and be anyone else. Be authentic at all times, let people get to know the real you. People like to connect with someone, so just be you. You won’t win everyone over and that’s ok. We want to concentrate on the people that we’ll have things in common with.

Social Selling Tips

Here some awesome social selling tips that you can start using Today:

  • Be present daily on social media and connect with people who comment, share/retweet your content.
  • Use relative hashtags in your bio and your posts.
  • Twitter is great for building your list, share your offer on there daily.
  • Participate in communities that hold your ideal clients. Want to target brides? Easy, go join some bridal groups on Facebook. You get the picture right?
  • Us the 80/20 rule. 80% interactive content this is absolutely nothing to do with your product and 20% about your product/service.

These simple social selling tips with help you with your social media marketing and change how you look at it. Don’t be that boring marketer that only speaks about themselves or their product/service. Now go take these tips on board and start using social media wisely.

Scheduling Tools and Why They Are Essential

scheduling tools

Scheduling Tools and Why They Are Essential In Business

Scheduling tools are my life line in business and they are in most entrepreneurs lives too. I for one cannot imagine posting live daily for every single post on each social platform i use. I’m currently use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram daily. I am adding Pinterest into my daily use as of 2017. Could i post on all these social media platforms live daily? Absolutely not! It’s all i would spend my time doing and i would never be able to switch off. I’d never find time to blog or create graphics, i’d basically be a walking mess.

So What Scheduling Tools Do I Use?

Easy, i use Hootesuite. I used to use it a few years back, but they became a little unreliable, so i moved over to sprout social, which is a paid scheduling tool, but i loved it. Then earlier this year i started hearing Hootesuite was all the rage again, so after a little research, i decided to start using it again and they haven’t let me down this year yet. So I left sprout social (saving $40 a month) and moved back over to Hootesuite (free). There are a ton of scheduling tools out there and it’s always a good idea to do a little research and test some out before deciding which one you want to stick to.

Why Are Scheduling Tools So Important?

Naturally, the obvious answer is that these scheduling tools are keeping your audience entertained whilst you are otherwise engaged. You can go about your day without thinking about posting. I schedule everything except Instagram, i post live on there 1-2 times a day. Then as well as all my scheduled posts on twitter, i post live a further 3-6 times a day too and of course interact.

What scheduling also allows for is consistent posting. It’s no good posting 3 days straight and then forget about posting for 2 days. People easily forget and believe me when i tell you, you want to stay in front of your audience daily and Not be forgotten. Plus you can spread out your posts. In one hour, you can schedule several days worth of posts (depending on how often you choose to post.) So it’s a massive time saver and gives you peace of mind that it’s working for you whilst you go to the gym, cook dinner, do the kids homework etc.

I’m interested to know which scheduling tool you use and why?

Christmas 2016 and wrapping it up on a high


Christmas 2016 and wrapping it up on a high

Christmas is a special time of year for many, for me it is. It marks almost the end of the year and time spent with family. What does Christmas mean to you and your business?

How are you wrapping up your business for Christmas?

As with anyone who works for themselves, it is almost manic right before you take some time off and then busy when you go back to work. I am taking off 2-3 days, which means all those days worth of social media for myself and clients needs to be taken care of, so that i am not busy doing any of that on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. So the work has to start right here and now. To be honest, it should have started last week, but life got in the way and things got hectic. So i woke up today knowing full well it would be manic. Also knowing full well tomorrow would be too.

How do i prepare?

Scheduling tools of course. I’ll ensure everything is scheduled for those days across my social media platforms and my clients social media. I couldn’t live without these amazing tools. I use Hootesuite and the free Facebook scheduling option for clients Facebook pages that i manage.

Christmas is one of the only times i switch off properly, but i also understand the importance of staying in front of your audience during the holidays. Why? Not everyone celebrates Christmas and some people are alone over this season. It is those people that will still be online over those 3 days. So let them know you are still around and still care. I will pop on and interact when i can across my social media platforms, but i don’t sweat it. I do it when i have a couple of minutes. It’s far more important for me to be with my kids and family and NOT have my phone glued to me during Christmas.


Wishing you and your business the very best of Christmas and 2017

Wishing you a very happy Christmas

I’d like to take this moment to wish you all a very merry Christmas and may your business prosper in 2017.  I have big dreams and goals for 2017 and i have every intention of fulfilling them. You can do it too, take the time out to write your goals. Not just write them though, also have an action plan of how you plan on achieving these goals.

My last parting words are these, if you are considering outsourcing during 2017 to grow your business, then please read This Checklist to ensure you are outsourcing the right things.

Have a truly fantastic 2017 and be amazing! You’ve got the power to make great changes and one big tip, don’t be afraid to ask for help, it’s what people like us are here to do… Serve you and your business. Because we have been trained to know things you might not know.

Generate Sales By Blogging

Generate Sales By Blogging

Generate sales, it’s basically why we’re predominantly in business right? To generate sales. Naturally you’ll want to be in business to help people too, otherwise you’re just going to sound greedy. For me, i am in business to help other businesses grow. I help businesses grow through social media, marketing and blogging. I also help businesses generate more sales by creating awesome content for their social media platforms and blog posts.

But how do i generate sales through blogging?

generate sales from blogging

Generate sales by writing about what you love.

Your first objective when blogging, is to help people. It should be at the forefront of your mind, not the fact that you want people to buy from you. My blog posts are written to help people, not predominantly make sales. That comes second. Yes i got into this business to generate sales and an income, but i want to help people too. Here are some basic steps to ensure you are blogging the most effectively:

  • You should be using WordPress as your platform. WordPress and Google work well together and WordPress has some great plug ins for SEO.
  • Ensure your tag lines are set up and your keywords are in the correct place. Need help? Contact Me.
  • Blog regularly (once a week) and use your keywords in the right places.
  • Use the Yoast plug in and leant how to use it.
  • Share all these great new blog posts on your social media platforms. Twitter is great for this and it is all free traffic to your site.
  • Don’t forget to share old blog posts too, don’t just write a blog, share it once and then forget about it.

Blogging is by far one of my most favourite things to do for clients. I can get totally lost in it and spend 2-3 hours happily blogging. If you’re not blogging effectively and using SEO, then you are wasting your valuable time.

How Can i Help?

You may want to outsource blogging or you may want a one hour consultation with me, i can show how to do it and then you can blog regularly. Contact me to find out more.

Give This Gift As A Christmas Present for a Business Owner

gift christmas small business

Give This Gift As A Christmas Present for a Business Owner

The gift of giving. I don’t know about you, but as you get older, buying for others is more exciting than receiving gifts. Now don’t get me wrong, i still like receiving gifts. But buying a gift for someone special, a family member, a good friends is exciting too. So whilst i sat here in my office, i got to thinking what would a business owner like as a gift? I know when i was a brand new business owner with little to no money for marketing or getting some training. So at Christmas i asked for business books for Christmas and nice diaries that i could plan in.

Give This Gift

Do you have a friend or family member who has a new business? Maybe they’re not quite sure what they should be doing on Facebook or social media. They may not know how to blog effectively? A one hour business consultation with me could be an amazing gift for someone in that position. How do you book it? Pop along HERE and get it booked in. Once paid for, i will contact you and you can give me your friends/family members detail and i will contact them. Or you can pop it in a card and i can talk to them after Christmas.

Give a gift this year that will make a difference to someone’s business and let them have a great start to 2017. Business is hard enough, let alone when you’re not up to date with all the social media changes. Not to mention if you don’t know about SEO and blogging the right way to make it count.

At social success with Sonya, i am dedicated to helping businesses succeed and get on the right path to success.

Book Here Today 

Content Marketing Trends

content marketing

Content Marketing Trends

Content marketing trends that have been trending through 2016 and don’t appear to be changing. As we approach the end of 2016, content marketing is as competitive as ever and you’re just going to have to get even better at it in 2017 or hire someone to help you. Here are some the trends that have made people a ton of money this year and can be taken into 2017 to help You make a bunch of money too:

  1. Quality over quantity ALWAYS

With newsfeeds being as chaotic as ever and free reach on Facebook being almost non existent compared to say 4 years ago, competition is certainly growing. Pretty much anyone can create a meme these days, but it’s all about the Quality of that meme. A true content marketer spends time on their graphics and creates beautiful pieces that are eye catching and what their audience wants to see. Instead of just throwing any old content out there, spend time creating GOOD content. People want to see new things.

2. Video Marketing

Video marketing has taken over 2016 and it will continue to grow. I must admit, i have not been very active in any form of video marketing and i know i need to get so much better at it. It will be one of my goals in 2017 to do at least one video a week. How often do you do a Facebook live or jump on periscope? Will it be one of your 2017 goals?

3. Instagram is Rising

Business owners are finding Instagram is a great way to get eyes on your content, i for one have found it is working a treat. I create great graphics for IG, post 2-3 times a day and every post has real value. People are interested, they are interacting. It’s fabulous. It’s one of my favourite places to hang out with my clients. One of my biggest tips on using Instagram, ensure you are using the correct size graphics and make them pop. If you’re no good at creating graphics or they take you hours a week, consider outsourcing this task whilst you concentrate on the rest of your business. You’ll soon find you’re making your money by making this small investment.

4. Storytelling – Keeping content marketing real

People like to talk, people also like real people and will relate to businesses who keep it real. Tell a story every now and then whilst posting on social media, let people see there is a real person behind your business. Not someone who is just trying to sell to them every chance they get.

Let’s make 2017 fabulous

These marketing trends are going nowhere fast and will only get even more competitive as the years go on. So sit down, plan what content you want to share next year, decide what your message is. Don’t forget to make a great graphic for all those fantastic blog posts you’re going to write and all those posts on social media that you’re going to share. Don’t be afraid of new things. When we step out of our comfort zones, great things happen. I know video marketing is where it will begin to happen for me, i just need to get ready and get it done, no excuses! It’s so easy to tell yourself you can’t, or maybe next week… STOP! Make 2017 happen for you.

You got into business because you didn’t want the 9-5, you didn’t want the commute and you wanted to be your own boss. I wanted financial freedom and to be there for the kids, do the school runs daily. So let’s do this, let’s make 2017 amazing. Get out your diary and start making notes on the things you’re going to do to make 2017 a much better year for you and your business.