Building your business together and how i can help.

Building your business together and how i can help.

Several years ago it became apparent that i was rather good on social media and found a natural aptitude towards Facebook. I have had 2 businesses before this in retail, it was great, but i lost my passion. I found my passion was helping others, but without the stress that retail brings. So now i help businesses around the world (we currently have clients in the USA and UK) achieve their dreams. I can’t think of anything i’d rather be doing (well maybe a cocktail on a beach somewhere) i do know i can help you achieve that too.
So i trained, i even went to the States and trained with some of the best. If you’re building your business and are struggling with tie management or just find you’re not good at certain things, that’s where i step in.

Building Your Business and Reaching Your Goals

Your Business Goals and How You Want To Build Your Business.

building your business togther.

Building Your Business Together Here.

Now i help businesses grow their business, not just their business, but their dreams and i watch them start enjoying life again, spending more time with family and not feeling the need to sit on social media all day and night. I am here to help achieve your business goals. I’m yet to find a successful business that didn’t out source a little.

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I have a team that helps me and together, we can help you start an epic journey.
Every small business knows that getting started or even maintaining what you already know is hard work and can be tiresome. I know that feeling, i spent many nights up until 1am or beyond, but those days are over for me and yours cane too. Because that’s where the like of us step in and help you achieve those goals. You stick to what you’re good at and we’ll do what we’re good at. Team Work can be a wonderful thing.
See our bronze package here and let’s get you started.

Is Your Social Media Campaign Working?

Is Your Social Media Campaign Working?

What makes a social media campaign work? It’s a question most Think they know the answer to, but it is in fact something a little different.

Did you initially think that a working social media campaign means more sales? Well most would think that. But no, it firstly all starts with building relationships. This is a key fact that many small businesses, no matter their niches tend to neglect and then find they are losing customers. Customer care is the most important  factor here.

Let’s look into how to make a social campaign work for you.

So we have established that the first key point here is to build and create long standing relationships with your customers.

social media campaigns

Read here how we help clients with their social media campaigns.

If you are asking yourself questions like ‘but how do I do this?’ or ‘when will I see the money?’ then we have problems there that we need to sort out first. In this day and age, people are buying from social media platforms more and more and people want to buy from businesses that they know, like and trust. If you’re solely reliant on the end result (Money) then you won’t be in business for long. If you need help with this, see how we can help manage your social media platforms and start building awesome relationships with your audience HERE.

Now remember, you cannot systemise relationships, but you Can schedule your posts ahead of time (all organised business owners need to be doing this). Also you need to remember you are not just pushing your product on people, you are asking questions, you are posting great images with quotes that your target audience will relate to. Try posting at the end of the day ‘Describe your day in just 3 words’ and you’ll see the interaction. Now don’t forget to engage with those that reply too!

So what else makes a social media campaign work?

Well consistency of course! If you’re not consistent and only showing up when you want  sale, then you’re not building relationships. This is where scheduling is great. I am off on a spa day tomorrow and will have everything scheduled for tomorrow by this afternoon, then all I need to do is pop in a few times to say hi and answer peoples questions.

One final big Tip: Learn how to like your audience, become their friend and they Will like you back.

Sonya ~ Helping to put you on the social media map.

Visual Content For Your Business

Visual Content For Your Business and Why It’s Important.

What do we mean by visual content? It’s basically what people see when they look at your business through your website and social media media platforms. Is the visual content for your business up to scratch?

visual content for your business

Need help with your visual content for your business, we provide page design here.

Are the images you use on social media eye popping? Do people scroll through their newsfeed and stop when they get to your image because it has really drawn them in? If not, then why not? It’s important your images are getting your message across and stand out enough to make people actually read it, then you’ll be wanting them to Like, Share and Retweet that image.

Visual Content For Your Business is Key!

So how do you get your visual content for your business up to scratch?

  • Be sure you use colour, stand out from the crowd and don’t be afraid to be bold.
  • Make sure you use the correct image size for Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, you want the right sizes so that your images are easily seen and the text on it easily read.
  • Give people a reason to comment, ask a question through your image.
  • People connect with things they can relate to, so be sure you’re targeting the right people.
  • Humour is always a good way to go, make people smile or giggle and you’ll get people sharing your content and paying attention more.
  • Coupons almost always work and infographics too.
  • Tips, always give people tips, they want value.

Image quotes like the one below are always a great way to get people interacting. Just a simple Like on a post can go a long way. So always have it in the forefront of your mind that you want people to notice your images and don’t be afraid to go Bold.

visual content for your business

Ensure your visual content for your business is eye catching.

Why Facebook Likes Are Still Important Today.

Want to know why Facebook Likes Are Even More Important now?

Then let me tell you why. Facebook likes are still so important for several reasons. Let’s paint a picture: Everyone wants to be liked right? I don’t know about you, but my mum used to tell me when i was a kid that being popular wasn’t important and in every day life that might be quite true. But in the Facebook world you want to be popular right? We want fan page likes and people liking the content on our page all the time.

So What Happens When Someone Likes Your Fan Page?  

why Facebook likes are still important

Why Facebook Likes Are Still Important

They became a fan ~ Yay! But it’s more than that, they also get to see your content and share it with their friends, which gets more eyes on your posts… For Free! Are you seeing why Facebook likes are still  important? Every Like on Facebook has a purpose and it gets us more exposure.

Back in the day, just about everyone who liked your fan page saw what you posted, it came up in their newsfeed and many people Liked, Shared or Commented. These days it’s not so easy i’m afraid. With tons of fan pages across the world, Facebook has dramatically decreased how often they share your posts on your fans newsfeed, which has had many business owners in a rage.

Facebook Likes Are Still Important, So What Can You Do To Increase Numbers?

So your page is barely getting seen? Page likes and post likes are down? Yeah i hear ya loud and clear! Take a look at your page and see how often you’re posting. Are you posting enough? Daily at least? You MUST be posting daily if you want any kind of reach. Then the other end of the spectrum. Are you posting too much? Posting every hour but people aren’t seeing your posts? Then maybe try decreasing the number you post. Ensure your images are good, the size that works for Facebook (Canva is a great tool for designing images and getting the right size images for each social media platform) Facebook likes are still important in a sensational way and we need to learn how to optimise what we’ve got and get more Likes if we can.

Facebook Pay to Play.  

Example Of Boosting Your Posts To Your Fans.

Example Of Boosting Your Posts To Your Fans.

Time for the bad news. If you want Facebook to show your fans more of your page, you may have to pay to play so to speak. Facebook (as any business would) want to make money and want you to pay them for them to show more posts. They want you to pay to Boost your posts and get seen more. I predict that Facebook will expect us all to pay if we want our posts to be shown, or we will end up in Zero newsfeeds.

Tip On Boosted Posts.

If you’re boosting a post, boost to your fans first. They Liked your page for a reason and they are likely either missing your posts or have forgotten that you exist, so by boosting to that audience, you are showing them you are still around. Growing our Facebook likes is still important, but don’t forget about fans who liked your page ages ago.

Good luck in your business and we are here to help with your Social Media and Marketing Needs when the time is right for you.


Why Social Marketing is So Important.

Why Social Marketing is so important and what you should be doing as standard.

It’s no secret that social marketing works and it’s been around a few years (or more) now and it’s no longer a fad. We’re pretty sure it’s here to stay in fact.

Is Social Marketing Facebook?

Social marketing is anything from Facebook, Twitter to blogging. Which are you doing? If you’re not doing any, it’s time to jump straight on that bandwagon and get going. Not to mention email marketing and Instagram.

Just about everyone i know is on Facebook at least several times a day and Facebook is a huge platform that yes, you can sell on. Don’t think you can? These are just 2 of our clients that we help with social marketing The Burgandy Boudoir and 192 Candle Co who both sell very effectively on Facebook. Both companies use social marketing strategies taught and helped by us. social marketing, be heard online

It simply isn’t enough anymore to just have a website, no matter how awesome your website might actually be. These days your website extends to your social media platforms, where you should be actively social marketing. Are you?

I understand that if you’re brand new to this, it can be extremely daunting. I recently had a consultation with a company in the USA who wanted help with his social marketing across Facebook, Twitter and Email Marketing. Unfortunately his plan was nowhere close to the standard we could provide and was a little shocked at what we provide in terms of service.
I am extremely happy to discuss your social marketing idea with you and what we can offer you. You may have seen our prices and thought…. Eeeeeek! Not a problem, we also offer a consultation and you can book me for a one off fee to set up a plan that will really jump start your social marketing within the first hour of you putting the strategy into practice.

Now here’s the thing, you don’t need to be on every social media platform to successfully market online, you just need to be good at maybe 2-3. social marketing and blogging

What You’ll See With Social Marketing. 

Firstly you get to speak and see your target audience up front and personal. Pretty fantastic right? You get to answer their problems right away too and continue to provide fantastic customer service through other channels than just answering the odd email.

Secondly you get to be on call for your customers and be there at times they are online and not necessary just via email during business hours.

Thirdly (and an important one) it will get you more sales. Ultimately that is the goal right?

Lastly bonus, you will find customers you didn’t know existed and get this, customers who didn’t know you existed will find you too! Woohooo, pay day or what?

Basically, social marketing and social media is where you and your business need to be Now. If you’re not doing it, let us help you set it up. Yesterday was the time to start being active on social media, you are missing a ton of opportunities…. and sales. People expect businesses to have Facebook and Twitter accounts, and they expect to be able to use them to get in touch with company representatives, if necessary. If you don’t have social networking profiles set up for your company, you look less legitimate. Ditto if your website looks like it was ripped off of somebody’s GeoCities page circa 1998.
I have contacted many a company through their Facebook and Twitter pages and resolved issues with them.
Don’t be left at the side of the road… Think about it.