Content Marketing Distributing Tips You Can Take On Straight Away

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Content Marketing Distribution Tips You Can Can Start Implementing Straight Away

Content marketing is a key point of any business in this day and age. Just about any business knows that and if you don’t, you need to get up to speed and quickly.

Let me give you a little example about content distribution. Last week I talked about blogging regularly. So you’ve spent the last week perfecting your latest blog post, finally post it and then what? How do you distribute it after that?

Content Marketing ~ How best to distribute your content.

Personally for my business, i have found that posting my blog posts on Twitter has really helped generate more traffic. At social success with Sonya, we don’t just post the new blogs, we post the old ones too, because they are blog posts of value to my audience. I do post them on Facebook too, but i find they get more interaction on Twitter. How do you distribute your blog posts?

A big mistake that businesses make, is spending 99% of their time crafting their content, and 1% of their time focused on content distribution. It’s not just about writing great content and creating pretty graphics, it’s about getting it out there for people to see too.

Another key point in content marketing and how to distribute it: NEVER rely on just one stream of distribution. Use various social media platforms effectively, use your email list and any other way you can think of. Consistent content marketing is absolutely essential in small and large businesses. Don’t get slack, get creating and get your content out there.

Quick Content and Marketing Checklist:
  • Blog weekly and then deliver that blog post via social media platforms regularly and potentially through your email list too.
  • Always deliver the goods, if you say you’re going to do something, then do it.
  • Design great graphics for your posts, blog and non blog posts too.
  • Create different graphics to use on Twitter, even for the same blog post, it will catch more peoples attention.
  • Spend more time disturbing your content, not just creating it.

Guess what i am off to do right now? Go and create more graphics for my blog posts and schedule some on my Twitter profile.

Why blogging is absolutely essential for your business.

Not blogging? You're leaving money on the table.

                               Not blogging? You’re leaving money on the table.

Why blogging is absolutely essential for your business.

Blogging is no longer an option in business, every business should be doing it and here are some of the reasons why:

  • Blogging drives traffic to your website
  • It increases your SEO
  • It positions your brand as an industry leader
  • Blogging will also help develop better customer relationships

As i often tell clients, blogging should be an integral part of your business and marketing strategy. It’s like social media, it’s no longer optional for any business, small or large corporations. You need to be doing it.

Most businesses are on one or two social media platforms right? Don’t forget blogging will also give a business more valuable content to share with their audience too. If blog posts are useful and what an audience want to read, then those posts and will get click throughs to their website, which help both with SEO and credibility for any business.

Fresh content is always going to be essential with your social media platforms, so be sure to be posting regularly. Several times a day (at least) on your social media platform, with great graphics and the odd link to your website. Don’t over market, you need to post content that people want to engage with.

How Often Should I Be Blogging?

Firstly, I recommend at least once a week, which therefore lets google know your site is active and provides your audience with fresh content to read. If you can blog more often then that is fantastic, keep doing what you’re doing.

What Should I Write About?

Write about your products, how useful they are and any tips you can provide. Be a resource of knowledge for others. If you provide a service, then provide useful tips. You’ll find my blogs and posts on social media are more about giving tips and inspiring small businesses to keep going and not be afraid to ask for help. Furthermore don’t be the person who just sells, sells, sells. It’s boring and it’s not what people want to read.

Finally, if you’re not blogging, get a WordPress site opened and blog, blog, blog. Have fun and furthermore, enjoy it and don’t forget, provide great content every single time.

Need help with blogging or a little training? Let’s Connect Here.


Why Is Quality Content So Important? Use These Tools To Help You.

Why Is Quality Content So Important?

quality content

Create quality content people want to see

In a world where we are overloaded with content, it’s massively important in business to have quality content. Every business is battling in an over crowded market place. You need to provide value in your content that people want to see. Therefore it also needs to stand out and your graphics need to be On It!

Quality content needs to weave through your social media, your blog posts and your newsletters, or you will bore others.. Pretty sure that’s not what you want right? Hence why your content needs to stand out.

How Do I Create Great Quality Content?

You may not be tech savvy, but using adobe spark or canva or great tools to create awesome graphics. You don’t need to be very tech savvy in order to use these graphic design tools.

Whether your post on social media is a question, a quote or asking for feedback, you need to stand out from all the noise. Therefore if it’s a blog post you’re writing, then your blog post needs to be laid out in such a way that it is easy to read and as a result people don’t get lost in a jumble of words.

Here are useful some tips:

Useful: Why is the blog post valuable?
Ultra-specific: What can I expect to learn from this blog post?
Unique: Why makes this blog post compelling and unique?
Urgent: Why should I read this NOW?

Questions to ask yourself:

Always ask yourself, Will this graphic stand out on Twitter or Facebook? Is it eye catching? Think about it and have a play with the tools suggested and see what you can come up with.

Finally if content creation truly is not something you like spending your time doing, then please contact me and i will create your content for you.

Have a great day.

5 Headline Ideas For Your Business


5 Killer Headline Ideas

Headline ideas for blog posts and newsletters. Let’s nail this. Headlines in business are as important as drinking enough water every day. If your headlines suck, then people won’t be reading your blogs, google won’t be picking up your blog posts, people just won’t be reading your stuff, full stop.

Headline ideas aren’t always easy to come by, especially when your imagination isn’t flowing. Take a look at all the popular magazines out there, they have a specialist team that comes up with their headline ideas, because they want people picking up their magazines and buying them. Why do people buy them? Mostly because the title has grabbed them whilst standing in a queue somewhere.headline ideas

Your headline ideas will come from these:

The Transactional Headline: This headline is making your audience a promise. Here’s an example ~ Give me 60 minutes of your time and i’ll change your way of thinking about food. You’re promising something big there.

The Reason Why Headline: Robert Cialdini research showed that simply adding the word “because” to a request makes it more likely you’ll get what you’re asking for. Use the power of the “reason why” in your headlines. Here is an example ~ 5 Reasons Your Blog Posts Aren’t Getting Read.

The How To Headline: This headline speaks for itself. Here are a couple of examples ~  How To Write Killer Blog Posts. How To Make Your Flowers Grow For Longer. People love these kind of titles, it’s the most used, but be careful not to overload. Notice I used it on this blog post too.

The If Then Headline: These are headlines along the lines of ‘If you can do this, you can do that.’ Example ~ If you can bake a cake, you can decorate one too, here’s how’

Finally, The Probing Question Headline: These can really relate to your audience, examples ~ Don’t you hate it when your cat does this? or Do you wish more people opened your emails?

You will write many a bad headline before you start writing better ones. We all do it, i know i can do better and i know i need to print this blog post off and have it on my wall in my office to remind me! You should do the same. Don’t forget, you can use all these headline ideas for your email list too.

Have an amazing day and you can find me and my services here.


Social Media Nightmares and How To Avoid Them

Social Media Nightmares and How To Avoid Them

Nightmares are scary and making mistakes happen, but when you make mistakes on Social Media, the whole world seems to find out!

Here are a couple of mistakes people are making daily on social media and how you can avoid them.

  • Typo’s, spelling mistakes and grammar. Well we all make spelling mistakes when we are rushing or reading back on content too quickly whilst checking for errors before sending it out. You need to take time out and re-read your content before throwing it out there (what are the chances i publish this and there is a typo in this blog post now lol) Grammar, seriously this is my massive bug bear. People can’t get their there, they’re and their’s right and stuff like that makes my blood boil a bit. If you’re in business, you need to be getting these minor things right. If you are dyslexic or have a problem of that nature, maybe consider someone else to write your copy?

    social media mistakes

    Need Help With Your Copy? I’d love to help.

[tweetthis]Even when you’re careful, spelling and grammar mistakes happen. Don’t sweat the small stuff, learn from your mistakes. [/tweetthis]

  • Public annoyances or awkward customers. I don’t believe there is such a thing as a customer base that is 100% satisfied, mistakes happen on the business side of things and sometimes a customer just isn’t happy. What do you do? You take a massive breath (or two) and calmly deal with this customer. They may be writing all over your social media platforms complaining and moaning, all you can do is try and calm them down and if you were in the wrong, own up to your mistake. Do NOT get into an argument with a customer, they’ll never be your customer again if you do. Try and take the conversation offline if you can or to email, where nobody else will see the grumpy customers words.

If you need any help with blog writing, copy writing, prove reading or anything business related, please do visit the website here or email me at

Building your business together and how i can help.

Building your business together and how i can help.

Several years ago it became apparent that i was rather good on social media and found a natural aptitude towards Facebook. I have had 2 businesses before this in retail, it was great, but i lost my passion. I found my passion was helping others, but without the stress that retail brings. So now i help businesses around the world (we currently have clients in the USA and UK) achieve their dreams. I can’t think of anything i’d rather be doing (well maybe a cocktail on a beach somewhere) i do know i can help you achieve that too.
So i trained, i even went to the States and trained with some of the best. If you’re building your business and are struggling with tie management or just find you’re not good at certain things, that’s where i step in.

Building Your Business and Reaching Your Goals

Your Business Goals and How You Want To Build Your Business.

building your business togther.

Building Your Business Together Here.

Now i help businesses grow their business, not just their business, but their dreams and i watch them start enjoying life again, spending more time with family and not feeling the need to sit on social media all day and night. I am here to help achieve your business goals. I’m yet to find a successful business that didn’t out source a little.

[tweetthis]Building Your Business Doesn’t Mean You Have To Lose Sleep.[/tweetthis]
I have a team that helps me and together, we can help you start an epic journey.
Every small business knows that getting started or even maintaining what you already know is hard work and can be tiresome. I know that feeling, i spent many nights up until 1am or beyond, but those days are over for me and yours cane too. Because that’s where the like of us step in and help you achieve those goals. You stick to what you’re good at and we’ll do what we’re good at. Team Work can be a wonderful thing.
See our bronze package here and let’s get you started.

Is Your Social Media Campaign Working?

Is Your Social Media Campaign Working?

What makes a social media campaign work? It’s a question most Think they know the answer to, but it is in fact something a little different.

Did you initially think that a working social media campaign means more sales? Well most would think that. But no, it firstly all starts with building relationships. This is a key fact that many small businesses, no matter their niches tend to neglect and then find they are losing customers. Customer care is the most important  factor here.

Let’s look into how to make a social campaign work for you.

So we have established that the first key point here is to build and create long standing relationships with your customers.

social media campaigns

Read here how we help clients with their social media campaigns.

If you are asking yourself questions like ‘but how do I do this?’ or ‘when will I see the money?’ then we have problems there that we need to sort out first. In this day and age, people are buying from social media platforms more and more and people want to buy from businesses that they know, like and trust. If you’re solely reliant on the end result (Money) then you won’t be in business for long. If you need help with this, see how we can help manage your social media platforms and start building awesome relationships with your audience HERE.

Now remember, you cannot systemise relationships, but you Can schedule your posts ahead of time (all organised business owners need to be doing this). Also you need to remember you are not just pushing your product on people, you are asking questions, you are posting great images with quotes that your target audience will relate to. Try posting at the end of the day ‘Describe your day in just 3 words’ and you’ll see the interaction. Now don’t forget to engage with those that reply too!

So what else makes a social media campaign work?

Well consistency of course! If you’re not consistent and only showing up when you want  sale, then you’re not building relationships. This is where scheduling is great. I am off on a spa day tomorrow and will have everything scheduled for tomorrow by this afternoon, then all I need to do is pop in a few times to say hi and answer peoples questions.

One final big Tip: Learn how to like your audience, become their friend and they Will like you back.

Sonya ~ Helping to put you on the social media map.

Visual Content For Your Business

Visual Content For Your Business and Why It’s Important.

What do we mean by visual content? It’s basically what people see when they look at your business through your website and social media media platforms. Is the visual content for your business up to scratch?

visual content for your business

Need help with your visual content for your business, we provide page design here.

Are the images you use on social media eye popping? Do people scroll through their newsfeed and stop when they get to your image because it has really drawn them in? If not, then why not? It’s important your images are getting your message across and stand out enough to make people actually read it, then you’ll be wanting them to Like, Share and Retweet that image.

Visual Content For Your Business is Key!

So how do you get your visual content for your business up to scratch?

  • Be sure you use colour, stand out from the crowd and don’t be afraid to be bold.
  • Make sure you use the correct image size for Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, you want the right sizes so that your images are easily seen and the text on it easily read.
  • Give people a reason to comment, ask a question through your image.
  • People connect with things they can relate to, so be sure you’re targeting the right people.
  • Humour is always a good way to go, make people smile or giggle and you’ll get people sharing your content and paying attention more.
  • Coupons almost always work and infographics too.
  • Tips, always give people tips, they want value.

Image quotes like the one below are always a great way to get people interacting. Just a simple Like on a post can go a long way. So always have it in the forefront of your mind that you want people to notice your images and don’t be afraid to go Bold.

visual content for your business

Ensure your visual content for your business is eye catching.

15 Catchy Headlines For Your Blog or Newsletter

15 Catchy Headlines For Your Blog or Newsletter

Think headlines aren’t important? Think again! Catchy headlines are everything or you can forget your blog posts being read or your emails being opened. Just not going to happen if your headlines are rubbish. You need to draw people in, grab their attention and make them Want to read what you’ve got to say.

catchy headlines for blogs and newsletters

Still Stuck? Attention Grabbing Headlines in Our Blog Posts For You Every Time. See Here What We Can Do For You Here.

This list of catchy headlines are easily adaptable and you’ll be able to tweak to your niche and use them instantly, let them help inspire your next blog post.

We want you to be successful, so take all our tips on board. Being an entrepreneur is on of the hardest jobs, but also the most rewarding. Don’t give up yet. Go write your next blog with one of these headlines.

Here is your list of Headlines To Get You Started

  1. X Things You Won’t Believe
  2. X Reasons Something Is A Bad Idea
  3. How To Make…
  4. How To Start…
  5. X Reasons You Should Start…
  6. X Steps To…
  7. X vs Z ~ Which Is Better?
  8. The Secret To…
  9. The Truth About…
  10. Why This Fails
  11. The Ultimate Guide To…
  12. 50 Ways To…
  13. Why We Do This…
  14. 10 Reasons Not To…
  15. Top 5 Resources For…

Start with these and you’ll see you get more opens and hopefully more people sharing your blog posts. Don’t forget to use great images in your posts too, they matter Hugely. Need help with image design? We’ve got you covered. Let Us Help You Here. Image design and writing doesn’t come naturally to everyone and as your business grows, you soon start out sourcing what you’re not so good at and spend your time doing what you’re really good at. Be wise and own up to what you’re not too good at.

Personally i am not good at Opt Ins, i out source that to Anna who rocks at them and designs awesome images for your landing page too. I couldn’t be without her. If you need an opt in, send us an email over on the website and we’ll hook you up with her.

Now go write that next blog post or newsletter with one of the above catchy headlines. Let us know how it does.

Why Social Marketing is So Important.

Why Social Marketing is so important and what you should be doing as standard.

It’s no secret that social marketing works and it’s been around a few years (or more) now and it’s no longer a fad. We’re pretty sure it’s here to stay in fact.

Is Social Marketing Facebook?

Social marketing is anything from Facebook, Twitter to blogging. Which are you doing? If you’re not doing any, it’s time to jump straight on that bandwagon and get going. Not to mention email marketing and Instagram.

Just about everyone i know is on Facebook at least several times a day and Facebook is a huge platform that yes, you can sell on. Don’t think you can? These are just 2 of our clients that we help with social marketing The Burgandy Boudoir and 192 Candle Co who both sell very effectively on Facebook. Both companies use social marketing strategies taught and helped by us. social marketing, be heard online

It simply isn’t enough anymore to just have a website, no matter how awesome your website might actually be. These days your website extends to your social media platforms, where you should be actively social marketing. Are you?

I understand that if you’re brand new to this, it can be extremely daunting. I recently had a consultation with a company in the USA who wanted help with his social marketing across Facebook, Twitter and Email Marketing. Unfortunately his plan was nowhere close to the standard we could provide and was a little shocked at what we provide in terms of service.
I am extremely happy to discuss your social marketing idea with you and what we can offer you. You may have seen our prices and thought…. Eeeeeek! Not a problem, we also offer a consultation and you can book me for a one off fee to set up a plan that will really jump start your social marketing within the first hour of you putting the strategy into practice.

Now here’s the thing, you don’t need to be on every social media platform to successfully market online, you just need to be good at maybe 2-3. social marketing and blogging

What You’ll See With Social Marketing. 

Firstly you get to speak and see your target audience up front and personal. Pretty fantastic right? You get to answer their problems right away too and continue to provide fantastic customer service through other channels than just answering the odd email.

Secondly you get to be on call for your customers and be there at times they are online and not necessary just via email during business hours.

Thirdly (and an important one) it will get you more sales. Ultimately that is the goal right?

Lastly bonus, you will find customers you didn’t know existed and get this, customers who didn’t know you existed will find you too! Woohooo, pay day or what?

Basically, social marketing and social media is where you and your business need to be Now. If you’re not doing it, let us help you set it up. Yesterday was the time to start being active on social media, you are missing a ton of opportunities…. and sales. People expect businesses to have Facebook and Twitter accounts, and they expect to be able to use them to get in touch with company representatives, if necessary. If you don’t have social networking profiles set up for your company, you look less legitimate. Ditto if your website looks like it was ripped off of somebody’s GeoCities page circa 1998.
I have contacted many a company through their Facebook and Twitter pages and resolved issues with them.
Don’t be left at the side of the road… Think about it.