Social Success with Sonya


  1. Great tips. I totally agree that it’s all about actually engaging not just using automated apps and programs to do it for you.

  2. Now-a-days Twitter is a must have for any type of business! Your tips are great! I totally agree, the part you stated to build friends and not the follower number.

  3. Great tips! There’s always so many things to learn on social media. I agree with you on the social medial engagements. A good reminder that to tweet more on real time. Thanks

  4. It’s good to have a huge following but it’s better to have people who will support and interact with you. These are very good tips!

  5. These are so important! and great tips, my husband does all the tweeting and he has so many loyal tweeters and followers by sharing and getting to know people. people have actually done art work of us and tweeted out pictures!

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