Why blogging is absolutely essential for your business.

Not blogging? You're leaving money on the table.

                               Not blogging? You’re leaving money on the table.

Why blogging is absolutely essential for your business.

Blogging is no longer an option in business, every business should be doing it and here are some of the reasons why:

  • Blogging drives traffic to your website
  • It increases your SEO
  • It positions your brand as an industry leader
  • Blogging will also help develop better customer relationships

As i often tell clients, blogging should be an integral part of your business and marketing strategy. It’s like social media, it’s no longer optional for any business, small or large corporations. You need to be doing it.

Most businesses are on one or two social media platforms right? Don’t forget blogging will also give a business more valuable content to share with their audience too. If blog posts are useful and what an audience want to read, then those posts and will get click throughs to their website, which help both with SEO and credibility for any business.

Fresh content is always going to be essential with your social media platforms, so be sure to be posting regularly. Several times a day (at least) on your social media platform, with great graphics and the odd link to your website. Don’t over market, you need to post content that people want to engage with.

How Often Should I Be Blogging?

Firstly, I recommend at least once a week, which therefore lets google know your site is active and provides your audience with fresh content to read. If you can blog more often then that is fantastic, keep doing what you’re doing.

What Should I Write About?

Write about your products, how useful they are and any tips you can provide. Be a resource of knowledge for others. If you provide a service, then provide useful tips. You’ll find my blogs and posts on social media are more about giving tips and inspiring small businesses to keep going and not be afraid to ask for help. Furthermore don’t be the person who just sells, sells, sells. It’s boring and it’s not what people want to read.

Finally, if you’re not blogging, get a WordPress site opened and blog, blog, blog. Have fun and furthermore, enjoy it and don’t forget, provide great content every single time.

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  1. Excellent advice, Sonya! So many of my clients are reluctant to blog even though they know they should be doing it. I like to stress to them that it does not have to be a lengthy blog each week, just enough to leave the reader with something new.

    • Absolutely. Even better, you convince them to do some for them 🙂

  2. I like the idea of blogging about products. Mostly my blogs educate and I provide valuable information. In November I will educate focusing on my products. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. So many good tips and information about blogging and why businesses should be doing it! Our blog drives nearly all of our traffic, and I believe the topics we cover are informative. Now I need to focus more on tying in our topics with our products and services. I’d love to get in the habit of blogging more frequently too. 🙂

    • It’s amazing how much traffic you get just from a blog, i personally love blogging.

  4. thanks for the reminder Sonya. Finding the time to blog is sometimes difficult for me. Once I made the commitment to blog weekly though, I found it easier to do. And I am always so excited with the end result. I have learned so much about myself during the process as well. Guess that’s what we call a win-win!

    • Definitely a Win-Win. My goal for 2017 is to blog 6 times a month.

  5. That is so true. Blogging really helps particularly if you want your website to be found. And, you can also repurpose that content like putting that on a video or tweeting a part of it or creating an image.

  6. Great article! Love the part about being an industry leader. As a small fish, I may not be the leader, but it levels the playing field, and we can be more prompt to respond to our customers. It is a journey.

  7. I am always telling people in my industry (network marketing) that blogging is essential to driving any online business, and typically the advice falls on deaf ears at first… But when I explain that it doesn’t have to be some super-creative, long drawn out missive, they start to listen a bit more closely 😉

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