About Me

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My Approach


I am a no nonsense straight to the point talking woman, who helps women find that perfect work life balance.

I work with women who are struggling with getting that balance and i will tell you what needs doing to help you succeed, but not only that, i will HELP you build your business within your own time scale.

I will be your support, your 'go to' girl who is understand you. Read more below to find out why.

My Story

I started my business when my kids were just 1 and 2 and basically I didn't sleep for years!

I didn't have anyone to help coach me, I spent years reading free content online and 'fudging' it.

Why won't the free content on google work? Because people value the real information and like myself, have paid a lot of money to train and learn with the best. Then I pass that information on to my paid clients.

Why can I relate to you?

Because not only did I open a business with 2 babies in tow, I am now a single mum and have been for 3 years and i have got that work/life balance in perfect balance with one another.
Every small business knows that getting started or even maintaining what you already know is hard work and can be tiresome. Let alone trying to get all that right AND be a mum.

That's where the likes of me step in and help you achieve your goals. In a world where social media is ever changing, you need a professional to keep up to date.

Plus add the right mindset and strategy into that and you'll soon be killing it!

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Sonya Kolodziejska


This is me with my 2 precious people.

Because we work this hard for our families.

Next Steps...

Are you ready to take your business further and invest in professional help? Let's connect and discuss your business needs.