3 Social Media Management Packages

3 Social Media Packages

Here you will find 3 social media packages. These social media packages have been designed to help businesses with their social media platforms, post content and engage with their audience. These packages are great for busy businesses who need more time in their week to concentrate on the things They are good at and want to leave their social media in the hands of an expert.

Having your social media all set up and looking pretty is one thing, but actually being active on it every day, posting great content and engaging with your audience is a whole other story. Social Media Is NO Longer An Option In Business. 

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You have to be on social media somewhere, not everywhere, but on at least 2 platforms and on there daily. This is what you’ll get as standard:

What You’ll Get Through These Social Media Packages

  • You’ll save hours a week on creating content and scheduling
  • The stress is taken away
  • I’m going to save you a lot of time by taking this over for you
  • You’ll see an increase in your return of investment
  • You’ll have peace of mind
  • I will be on hand to provide advice when needed
  • You’ll start building credibility by being on social media
  • I’ll remove all spam and block inappropriate people and comments (you see it all too often)
  • I will post on 2 platforms for you, these are generally Facebook and Twitter, but i can of course change that if necessary

This is a 3 month rolling contract. We need 3 months to start building relationships that then turn into prospective clients or customers of yours. Let’s do this properly. 1 months notice is required when you’d like to end the contract.

To keep it interesting, there will be a mix of quotes, product posts and memes that suit your niche. I ask that you provide me with 20 of your favourite quotes a month and i will do the rest.

The Bronze Package:

What you’ll get. All of the above, plus i will schedule 2x posts a day Monday through Saturday. I will also pop on twice a day to engage with your audience and answer any questions. Price for this is £299 per month.

The Silver Social Media Package:All of what you’ll get as standard above, but instead of post 3X a day 6 days a week, i will post 3x a day on both social media platforms plus i will provide one blog post a month too. As well as this i will provide 5X graphics a week with your logo on it, to use as you please. This package is £497 per month.

The Gold Social media Package:

This is the package for the serious business who has an established audience, who needs someone to really take over the reigns and leave it to the experts. You’ll get the above as standard, but i will post on your social media platforms 6 times per day, log in 3 times a day to engage with your audience and provide 3 blog posts per month for you. Your social media is basically looked after 6 days a week, all questions will be answered, plus you’ll have 3 google friendly blog posts. It’s the perfect package for the bigger more established business.

Naturally we can cater to your business needs. If your budget is less and you only want 2 posts a week, then we can cater for that. Simply Contact Me Here and we can come to an arrangement that suits your business. I look forward to working with you and growing your social media presence and making you some money.

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